Thursday, February 22, 2018

17 Minor Annoyances That Are Major Pains

Life is full of things that tick us off, there's no avoiding that. Sometimes, however, the most annoying things are the result of either stupidity or the universe just laughing at you. At these moments, we release a gust of air from our nostrils that would make our ancient dragon ancestors proud. Overall, I think these are things we all can relate to, so let's vent some frustration together as we go through these painfully annoying occurrences in life...

1. Thinking there's a parking space and then gettin' duped! 

2. When you get a chocolate chipcookie, but were expecting chocolate chips!

3. Frustrating packaging that boasts "frustration-free" right in your face!

4. How did they not see it?!?!

5. Fireworks, concerts, parades, whatever the occasion — these people!

6. Taking these steps towards insanity...

7. The blatant lie of these boxes

8. This boy playing a bowling video game in the most opportune location...

9. This has happened to me more times than I care to admit. How 'bout you?

On this page, let's play: "Which Is WORSE?!" 

10. This light switch positioning?

11. Or — this light switch setup??

12. This disturbing outlet alignment? 

13. Or selfish AC adapters???

#11 and #12 win it for me, personally, but this last page probably tops them all...

14. Not being able to peel these off in a single pull!

15. These bleepin' things! 

16. Two holes, same location... 

17. And of course, getting stoked for the best kind of donut, only to find... 

***BONUS*** As someone who often wears Converse shoes, this is a struggle I know all too well!

Let me know in the comments if you've had this problem too!!!


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