Monday, February 12, 2018

17 People Who Got Friend-Zoned So Hard It Hurt

At some point in all our lives, we've either occupied the friend zone or been the person to imprison some unfortunate individual in there. This platonic realm of like-a-brother-pal-buddyness can be an uncomfortable place, a humiliating place, and, if the next pictures are anything to go by, also a very expensive place. So get ready to cringe, feel for, and maybe even identify with the next 17 people who have been friend-zoned to the max!

1. Despite being stuck in the friend zone, some people never lose hope...

2. Once in a while, they even make the odd break for freedom 

He can probably find his own way sounds like he's probably pretty familiar with the area

3. Others have accepted their fate without protest...

The bestowing of nine purses symbolizes the graduation to the friend zone master-level.

4. Because once you're that deep, you never come back out

May as well make the fact that she sees you as a non-romantic, non-sexual object official...and forever!

The friend zone isn't always a depressing place, in fact, some people seem to enjoy it a little too much...

5. He gets to date her and you get to paint her toenails...

But the joke's on them, because secretly, you have a foot fetish!

6. Never underestimate the friend can even happen when you're married

One day she wants to redo the bathroom, then all of a sudden, BAM! You're spending every Saturday night in a Jacuzzi specifically designed to prevent every and any sexy Jacuzzi fantasy you've ever had.

7. You can even have a kid with her and still be in the friend zone! 

8. His face says it all:  

Friend zone. Trapped. Send help. 

You might think inhabiting the friend zone relieves you of all boyfriendly duties...however, this is not true

9. Poor Cody 

10. Poor Juan...literally though. Juan is probably very poor now

11. One of these things is not like the other 

12. "Hey man, can I take a pretend Valentine's Day pic with your girl?"

Have you ever been so deep in the friend zone that people start making assumptions about your sexual orientation?

13. You are the Christian to my Cher, you are the Jack to my Karen, you are the Stanford to my Carrie Bradshaw...

Except for one small detail of course...

14. A moment of silence for this poor soul

You don't come back from something like that.

15. From end zone to friend zone 

At least the view is decent from there...

16. Think your life is bad?

This man is in a platonic relationship that requires him to act as a punching bag and a "bitch-in-training"

17. ILY*

* In a completely asexual, almost brother-like way!


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