Wednesday, February 14, 2018

17 Pictures Showing Things People Born After The Year 2000 Will Never Understand

Growing up in the '90s was an interesting experience. Technology at this point was booming like mad, but if you look back at this time period now, it's comical how we used to live. Of course they were total first-world problems, but us '90s kids really had to put up with a lot of crap. 
Here are 13 things kids born after the year 2000 just won't understand.
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1. But you still put it in anyway, praying that your favorite song doesn't skip.

2. I used to have mad respect for people with the biggest book of CDs.

3. Trying to wind that VHS tape/film back after it unraveled in the player. 

4. Oh, the memories!

These other ones are better, though, for sure...

5. I knew when my Dad broke this out that I would be having a great night...

6. The horror.

7. Making a call required some strategic planning. 

8. No one will ever have to deal with that garbage ever again. 

9. I do, I do!

Bulging pockets aallll the time. 

10. Those were the days! Now the phone loses its charge in five minutes and blows up in your face.

11. Doing this so you could finally have some fun.

12. I have to say, one great thing about being alive today is that my pockets aren't continually stuffed with things. 

13. These kids will never get a chance to slide the metal thing. 

14. This whole controversy...

15. Because of phones these days, this may never happen in class again.

16. RIP romance. 

17. Trying to untangle an angry knot of phone cord.

Or just pulling the whole base off the table when you answer it.

18. Setting up your VCR record your show and having it play back scrambled nonsense.

Hope you can catch a re-run!

19. Trying to find your way around using one of these relics.

20. Oh, the memories!

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