Thursday, February 8, 2018

17 Social Media Tricksters Who Ain't Foolin' Nobody

You can't trust anything you see online — specifically on Instagram. 

Think about it this way: if a dozen people in a basement studio equipped with nothing but a camera and green screen can make it look like they're on the moon, you'd best believe that chick you follow on Instagram can travel to Cabo from the comfort of her own bedroom. 

I'm telling you, these Instagrammers are fucking magicians. I have the pictures to prove it right here.  

1. The classic "fakecation"

2. At least this one's honest

3. Great view

4. Playing dumb won't save you this time

5. Maybe he meant Patricia?

6. That fooled no one

7. This kid wrote the book on fooling social media

8. Thumbs up for social media phonies

9. Nice try

10. Should've gone with that 5k bundle when you had the chance

11. Maybe he has a second one and plans on strapping them to his feet like roller skates

12. Reverse image search is a game changer

13. That five-year-old has better grammar and sentence structure than I do

14. "Pal" 

Too good

15. She almost got away with it

16. But why, though?

17. You should be


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