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18 Things Everyone Should Know About Leslie Mann

You might not know her name but you definitely recognize her! For years, Leslie Mann has been acting in movies and TV shows. Her big break came in 1996 when she starred in The Cable Guy with Jim Carrey and now she's known as one of the biggest comedy actresses because of her appearances in some of the biggest comedies! She's been in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up and Funny People. So now's the time to brush up and learn about Leslie Mann, how she got her start, what it's like to work with Paul Rudd and her relationship with Judd!

1. When she was auditioning for The Cable Guy, she met Judd Apatow who is her husband now! 

2. Judd said it was love at first sight for him but Leslie admitted she didn't even notice him! "Judd was reading Jim Carrey's part and at the time, I had a crush on Ben Stiller who was the director."

Awwwwwww. But it all worked out because they've been married for almost 20 years! 

3. Leslie has said in several interviews that one of her favorite movies she's done is This Is 40. She loved working with Paul Rudd but especially in the bedroom scene where Paul would just fart unexpectedly all the time!

Leslie said that the crew hated it but she loved it and completely improvised her character's angry reaction!

I absolutely love Leslie and Paul in This Is 40!

4. She admitted that she let Judd call her by the wrong name for over 18 years! She prefers her name to be pronounced "Less-lee" and not "Lez-lee" and she never told Judd that he was saying it wrong!

5. When she was in Knocked Up, she wasn't just an actor on set! She was also on set for all the birthing scenes as a "pain advisor" since she had been through the process twice before. 

I wonder what that job actually entailed...

6. Growing up, Leslie was always obsessed with acting and knew she wanted to do it for the rest of her life. When she was younger, she auditioned for commercials. The biggest commercial she landed was for Coca Cola!

I wonder if she knew she'd someday be in some of the biggest movies!

7. Leslie said it was tough filming The Other Woman with Nikolaj Coster-Waldeau because every time she had a kissing scene with him, she'd break out in hives!

"I kissed him and he's got that razor stubble and my face turned really red and hurt. So they washed his face because they thought maybe he was using after shave. And we did it again and everywhere he touched me, I came out in hives."

8. If there's one thing to look out for in a Leslie movie, it's that she works with her daughters Maude and Iris. She did it in Knocked Up and This Is 40!

9. When she was filming The Cable Guy with Jim Carrey, he would often tell her that she reminded him of a modern Marlene Dietrich. 

I don't see it but that must be a huge compliment coming from Jim Carrey!

10. Leslie is just like us! She said her favorite thing to do is just to sit down on the couch with her kids and watch TV shows. Her favorite one? She loves watching reruns of I Love Lucy

11. Because of her huge success in comedy movies, she was named "Hollywood's queen of comedy" by Elle magazine in 2012!

12. Leslie revealed that her and Cameron Diaz became BFFs on the set of The Other Woman. But they didn't meet during filming! Leslie said that she met her over 17 years ago but Cameron didn't remember meeting her!

But now they're good friends and often get together for girl's night! Man, I'd love to hang out with them.

13. This Is 40 is based on Judd and Leslie's life and marriage, but she said that the majority of it is made up or exaggerated! 

14. Were you happy to see Debbie and Pete in Knocked Upand This Is 40?! Well, that might be the last time you see those characters! Leslie said she had fun playing Debbie in those movies but she's not interested in coming back for another movie. 

15. When Leslie was filming The Other Woman with Cameron and Kate Upton, it was revealed that the trio went skinny dipping. 

Apparently, they think some of the hotel guests saw them!

16. Leslie sure loves body swapping. She's been in two movies as the wife of one of the characters who swapped bodies! She was in The Change-Up with Jason Bateman and then 17 Again with Zac Efron!

17. It took Leslie 12 takes to get the infamous scene in the bathroom right for The Change-Up

18. Judd was on the set of The Change-Upall the time and provided some of the movie's best lines! But the director had to ask him to leave on the days when they were shooting scenes where Leslie would kiss Jason Bateman. Apparently, she was distracted by Judd!

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I loved her with Paul Rudd in This Is 40!


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