Wednesday, February 21, 2018

23 Attention-Seekers Stealing The Spotlight

Nobody likes to be ignored — it's the worst. While some of us are, indeed, introverted people who love our alone time and sometimes would rather eat cat food than see another person, this isn't the same as being ignored. Being alone is not the same as being lonely, and when we feel lonely we all like to have those special people in our lives that make us feel better. Make us feel included.

However, we also inhabit a world that is just chock-full of social media BS bombarding us from all angles with the constant need to update everyone else in our "social circle" with our every single move. DO. NOT. FALL. INTO. THIS. TRAP. It makes you look hella desperate — just MAD thirsty — and nobody wants that. If there's one thing that's worse than just being ignored, it's being pitied. Stay the course, friends. It'll pass!



3. It's OK to call this dog a bitch, right?

4. Not me...

5. Ladies love fishing!

6. She's like, the only one!

7. Stay humble, Miranda!

8. Homie wants to be a Batman villain SOO bad!

9. "What're you guys talkin' about? Trump? Oh yeah, interesting stuff, but can he TRUMP these gains!?"

10. God, I love it when a horrible plan backfires!

11. When you boil it down everything has a science behind it!

12. If you don't win "Best Dressed" tonight, I don't know what to do with you!

13. I think starting a sentence with "Ummm false," though grammatically incorrect, is still the sassiest way of telling someone off!

14. Y'all from the south, aint'cha?

15. When your parents tell you to get off the weed and get a hobby...

16. So your dreams are all about 12-year-old boys...that's weird, dude!

17. Awww, that's cute? Which real man told you all stuff, little guy?

18. Cultural appropriation with a little extra ignorance on the side, please!

19. "So...what do you do for work?" He asked the third person to wander into his bathroom lair!

20. When you're 10 and edgy AF!

21. I would imagine it's because he's tired from all the boning, my white knight friend!

22. When running for president isn't enough attention for you...

23. Feel ya bro, recovering sex basement here! Stay strong!


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