Sunday, February 25, 2018

23 People That Aren't Gonna Stand For It

How many times have you heard something that totally irked you, only to let the person who said it go unchallenged?

"I could say something, but do I really want to get into that conversation right now?"

"Why rock the boat when it's not going to change their opinion?"

These are the thoughts that usually stop us, but they definitely didn't stop the next individuals who aren't afraid to speak their minds! 

1. BAM!

Yeah, I just wanna know who thought, "Hmm, we're trying to collect data about an important issue. So let's ask the people who have nothing to do with it!" was a good idea.

2. It always starts this way.

But we already know the thirst is much realer than that. So buckle up 'cause we're about to go for a ride.

3. This guy's definitely looking for something.

And shockingly, she seems to have picked up on his oh-so-subtle advances. I would hope most folks would get the picture at this point but... yeah.

4. He's not winning this one.

It just keeps going and the dude never seems to realize that it's time to pack it in. 

 Psst, I don't think you're gonna get what you want, buddy. Call it a hunch.

5. Relationships are all about accepting each other's... umm, shortcomings.

Haha, I'll bet that ended that discussion really quick. Let's just say there's a lot you can learn to get used to. 

6. Who's the narcissist now?

A lot of people out here thinking that having a kid is the same thing as having a Mini-Me. 

And really, if they had thought of that name before we saw it in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, there'd probably be a lot more people walking around with it on their birth certificate.

But she's not done yet...

7. Don't mess with this girl.

I never thought that loudly saying people's names would be such a perfect mansplaining response. She's obviously got a lot to teach us because that's just pure gold.

Don't forget those all caps, y'all.

8. No shame here.

Nice try with that little attempt to be subtle by calling it "confusing." They knew what your game really was, cowboy.

9. Turning the tables. 

I also love how each "ha!" seems to say more and more about the situation.

I do think people should greet each other with "'ello mate" regardless of where they are, though. 

10. It's gotta feel good to roast your school, especially after paying four years of tuition...

The least they could do is hire him at this point. Gotta pay off that debt somehow, right? 

11. Always know who has your back.

I like that the look on his face makes it seem like he knows what she's gonna say someday. 

Actually, if he could really look into the future, that expression could be a reaction to just about any news headline these days...

12. It's just a breakfast, lunch, and dinner to them.

Hmm, I wonder who decided this was such a huge problem in the first place? We now know it wasn't a child but I'm having a really hard time narrowing it down...

13. Sometimes, a different perspective is important.

Ooh, that certainly didn't go the way they wanted it to. Sometimes when we feel ourselves a little too much, someone needs to step in and say, "Yeah, you ain't there yet."

14. Emphasis on "his."

I wonder if this dude was taking a break from loudly asking people, "How come there's no White Entertainment Television?" 

Bonus points if he sees absolutely no connection between the answers he gets.

15. I'm looking at you, Boomers! 

And then there's step two, which is to call us lazy until we overwork ourselves and then complain that we're ruining the vacation when we don't take any time off.

I really wish I was joking.

16. Some things are greatly improved by the smallest editorial tweaks.

Yeah, you may be scrambling your hormones, but hehad to slide some rubber on while you figured out how to handle that. Poor baby.

17. We're all sick of people who park like this.

If only we all had a fleet of buses to really make these jerks respect common courtesy. I guess we can just look at this picture whenever they make us mad.

18. Since when has this ever been okay, people?!

Yeah, not one person is shooting them dirty looks or making that "shh!" noise. It's weird how you get a more accurate picture by talking in the theater itself than you do from the movie.

19. It's just a few extra steps!

At least if someone ignores his important safety warning, not a jury in the land would think it wasn't entirely on them. 

20. Diet-shame, and you shall be nuggeted!

On second thought, as much as I appreciate the sentiment, there's no way I would waste one of my precious nuggets on this guy. 

Maybeif I had a 20-piece but even that's kind of pushing it.  

21. The most important education you will ever receive is on the importance of the personal bubble. 

And shout out to how the homie already knew everybody's first response would be, "Whatever, I'm not even touching you."

The photos don't lie, folks.  

22. We should all take a page out of her book.

And while we're at it, we really need to find a way to make room service for our heads a thing. As a matter of fact, those should really just be our two modes, "do not disturb" and "room service."

23. Look, once you get old enough, you kind of get the idea.

We don't have to put a ridiculous number of candles on their cake and they don't have to be reminded of how old they are. 

Everybody wins!

For all those who are ready to follow their example, we feel you.

Even if we have to shut down some serious disrespect in the process, we'll find a way through it.


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