Tuesday, February 20, 2018

24 Funny Pics To Provide Some Much-Needed Nonsense

Hey! You know what's not fun? Responsibilities and rules and not sleeping in. There are a lot of other things like that too, and you can tell us all about your least favorites. Or you can just shout them at the screen if you'd rather do that. It's a good pastime.

But enough about all of that. You know what's fun? Again, a lot of things, but right now I'm talking about memes. Even when they kind of don't make sense and get a little weird, they're still pretty good fun.

So that's why I've brought together these 24 definitely fun pics for your viewing pleasure. 

1. Unless they pissed off some really big guy like in a cartoon, I don't get it either.

I gotta admit I'm pretty impressed they somehow did this, but they'll really have something going for them if they manage to get out. 

2. Ouch, sometimes there's something to be said for just saying nothing.

And unfortunately, "oh yeah? Well...fuck" doesn't count as nothing.

3. You know, that's a fair question.

But I guess it doesn't matter since the crossbow's not for sale anyway.

4. Hmm, I wonder if sometimes late at night, he hears dumb giggling that doesn't seem to come from anywhere.

Ehh, he doesn't really have to worry until his TV turns on by itself and starts showing bad music videos.

Ahh, this is always satisfying.

5. Well, well, well...look who just played themselves.

"I'm never coming here again" has never sounded so sweet.

6. Hahaha, yeah that seems about right.

If the cube gave you an electric shock for no reason every now and then, this would really be on the money. 

7. Gah, the truth is some disturbing shit.

Whoa, dude...that's deep.

8. Let's just say I was really happy when computers started coming with pinball on them.

Granted, I wasn't much better at that, but I at least understood what was going on.

9. Cool, cool, I see how it is.

I mean, that only leaves you with about four hours of Pokémon GO.

10. In my case, picture this with a lot more squinting at how bright the world is.

The part where I'm sitting ponderously on a rock is dead-on, though. 

11. Well, I mean, what if someone with an iPhone4 stops by?

How else are they gonna charge it if I don't keep these five cords lying around?

12. When we're a few bottles deep, does it really matter?

As long as they don't have alien life forms growing on them, they should be fine. 

Be careful though, not every store is so friendly.

13. If I need a bodyguard to go in, those better be some bomb-ass haircuts.  

Like, they better change colors or some shit, bro.

14. I guess this makes me some bizarre mishmash of pizza, beef, and peanut butter.

I think it's for the best that we don't see what that would look like since even Oreo-face here is kinda scaring me.

15. Daaaaamn, I've honestly never seen a dog mess up a remote like that.

Joke's on him, though. As long as this person's phone is intact, the dog ain't got a chance.

16. I guess some houses just put your selfie game on hard mode. 

It's like finding a lost civilization.

17. I bet if you dig even deeper, you can find some VHS tapes and Sega Dreamcast games.

Well, that and about 1,000 Jar Jar Binks Pez dispensers.

18. If nothing else, I guess this could let you drill down into a bathroom.

That's probably why she's so calm about this.

19. Whoa, that was a lot easier than it should have been.

It's funny how one little sentence can tell the whole story.

20. I like how when you mess this up, it looks like you're saying, "what's the deal with this tower?"

If she keeps up with those leaning tower–based observations, she might get her own HBO special one day. 

Yup, these are some words to live by.

21. Yeah, "be yourself" really only works on a case-by-case basis.

I mean, it's not like there's a movie where a guy not tipping his waiter is set to inspirational, feel-good music.  

22. But sadly, we'llprobably still never know.

Let's just say that when you run up and ask a chicken "wait, why are you doing this?" their response is usually to run away.

23. Well, at least you never had to deal with that part where you suddenly lose your parents' attention.

I don't know, though. Is that better or worse than when they dress you exactly the same as your twin?

24. Yeah, why do people always wait until you're at your busiest to ask their dolphin questions?

And you know if they keep it up, part of the assignment is just suddenly gonna be about dolphins.


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