Friday, February 2, 2018

24 Oddly Funny Pics That Definitely Have A Bigger Story To Them

Sometimes you come across a picture and just know there's more going on than we initially see. It's not news that there's a ton of weird stuff on the internet, but for me, each of these is intriguing because you just knowthere's a bigger story somewhere. I really have no clue as to what those stories are, but man if these didn't keep me guessing. I hope you like 'em as much as I did! 

1. I hope they catch that lunatic! 

If I were that cop, I think I'd honestly prefer to try and catch a criminal. 

They might be armed and dangerous but at least they're not likely to jump over a 10-foot wall like it's nothing. There ain't no way he gets paid enough if he does this on the regular.

2. I didn't believe in witchcraft, until now...

Well, it's comforting to see they're out here using their powers for good. The Wizard Of Oz really has a lot to answer for when even the good witches seemed kinda shifty.

Oh, you didn't tell me I could just click my heels because I wouldn't believe you? Whatever you say, Glinda...

3. Airport security has just gone too far these days.

I guess when the body scanner's busted, you have to get creative. I'm not sure this is the kind of creativity I'm trying to encourage, though.

4. Now that's an interesting choice of weapon...

At the same time, the angrier the squirrel gets, the more effective it becomes as a weapon.

5. Who's the new pool boy? He's cute!

There are a lot of times I wish animals could talk but I really feel like I'm poorer for not hearing about this one's adventures. 

6. I'm not getting it. Is this some kind of broccoli life hack?

Is it some kind of really wholesome way to flip people off by assuming they don't like vegetables? He doesn't have a dog so he wants to give his pet broccoli the same thrill of sticking its head out the window?

No matter how I try to explain this, I just sound crazy.

7. I guess owners really do start to resemble their dogs...

I like how even the dog looks like it's totally done with whatever's going on here. It's obviously not the first time they've done this.

"Gary, please, you're embarrassing me."

8. Now here's a sport I could really get into!

How is jam soccer not a worldwide phenomenon by this point? 

Seriously, if we don't see someone doing a trick shot while nailing the solo from "Freebird" at the next Olympics, I'm gonna be severely disappointed.  

9. How was he thatprepared for this???

He's obviously been waiting for this moment for a really long time. It honestly helps that he's sharing the scene with someone who's completely floored by this phenomenon, too. 

I can almost see him looking over at the other dude and saying, "Haha, you still have your shirt on? Wimp." 

10. Stay back, just stayyy back...

Pray for those doors, y'all. 'Cause if they don't open quickly enough, we're not gonna be seeing much more of them.

And yeah, they might arrest her doing that but I think it's more accurate to say they'll try to arrest her.

11. They will be reunited one day...

I don't know who did this to Tigger, but they better hope his homie never gets out of his cage.

I don't need to be a tiger expert to know what "I will avenge you" looks like.

12. Huh, that's uh, quite the tradition you have there.

This has to be the first time I've ever seen a family photo that doubles as a threat. I really didn't think I needed more reasons to stay away from Nebraska, but here we are.

Sorry guys, it's not you, it's the arson family. 

13. Willy Wonka is a lot more extreme than I remember...

Now that he's handed the factory over to Charlie, he can finally be the free bird he's always dreamed of.

I can just picture him popping a wheelie and yelling "now you'll reallysee a world of pure imagination" before he peels off.

14. Couch on the roof? Yep, there's a good story here somewhere...

Hey, when the sun's out, sometimes you have to go the extra mile to truly be a chill dude having a cool day. 

And of course, the chillest thing to do is to just leave it up there. I mean, obviously.

15. This guy could be a genius...

"Oh, you don't carry cash on you? Nice try, pal, but I've got that covered, too." 

I guess the only thing we need to know at this point is what song he's playing. If it's "Wonderwall," then there's no "could be" about it. 

16. Looks like a sticky situation!

Man, it would already be pretty hard not to feel doomed without seeing the stumped looks on their faces. 

Even if you've got sunglasses on, we can still recognize the "what are we gonna do about this?" face.

17. Shady dealings with Mr. Ed.

Oh yeah, you really don't wanna know what he'll put in your bed if you come up short. And don't even think about making fun of his teeth unless you really wanna get it.

And most importantly, you go in with a carrot when you deal with him or you don't come back out.

18. Whose room is that? Spider-Man's? 

God help you if you ever need to change the light bulbs on that thing. And I have a feeling that door was installed by an eccentric millionaire who needed a booby trap for their enemies.

"Maybe they just took out the second floor?" 

Yeah? Well, maybe youjust lack imagination.

19. Canadians, man, gotta love 'em!

It takes some serious commitment to rock that outfit in a desert. It's not like hockey equipment smells that great at the best of times, so I salute his dedication.  

20. I never thought I required accompaniment to do this...I guess I was wrong? 

Not to mention, it looks like when you need toilet paper, the piano player has to give it to you themselves. 

Because playing Chopin perfectly while someone repeatedly farts right behind you apparently isn't hard enough.

They better get tipped like a boss, is all I'm saying.

21. I didn't know Sharknadowas a documentary! 

You mean to tell me that for all this time, I've been mercilessly roasting a serious and tragic event? I guess now we know who the real monster is.

It's not the sharks. It's not even the tornado that brings us the sharks. It's me.

22. OMG, there's Pooh everywhere!

Uh oh, there might not be for long 'cause it looks like the cops just rolled up. They're probably gonna need to call for backup though because they already seem to be surrounded.

Aww, who am I kidding? I'm just hoping the cops are dressed like Eeyore.

23. I'm tiredof guessing what happened here.

But I can't help but feel like that Gatorade bottle is somehow connected to the event. 

I keep trying to interrogate it, but it's not saying, "Riddle me this, Batman," nearly as much as I had hoped. It would probably help if I was actually Batman.

24. And how about this snack choice...?

I mean, come on, those are clearly not Mike and Ikes! What are they trying to pull here?

Oh right, the pizza. Like, I get it but I'm just not sure how it's supposed to come out of that slot.

25. Haha, you thought it was over? Nope, we just uncovered something big here!

Haha, you can tell us not to drink toilet water all you want but don't think we don't see that little "the water is reclaimed" down there. Just what is that supposed to mean?

Uh...yeah, OK. You win, I still really don't wanna drink that.


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