Sunday, February 25, 2018

25 Handy People Who Laughed In The Face Of Their Problems

When life hands you a problem, it's up to you how to handle the situation. You can go the tried-and-true path or you can pull all your creative muscles together to fix something with your limited resources and with Google by your side. Until the issue is resolved, you'll be MacGyvering it like these people.

Hey, I'm not saying the solution has to be glamorous by any means. 

As long as the job gets done, it really doesn't matter how you came down that path. Sure, it'd be nice sometimes if the solutions to our problems were more conventional, but sometimes you just gotta make it work.

1. This British convertible owner.

Based on the natural weather patterns of the dreary British Isles, it's probably not the best idea to own a convertible. Though, as the Brits do, you calmly find a quick fix and you carry on. 

2. This woman who's fed up with co-workers stealing her lunch.

I'm sure you've experienced having your food taken by a co-worker once or twice. This woman had enough and took drastic measures to make sure it doesn't happen again.

3. This third wheel helping for the perfect shot.

Ever wonder how some couples are able to take those really cute hand holding pictures you see everywhere on Instagram? Get a single friend to tag along like this guy and the possibilities are endless.

4. This dad's solution to keeping track of his son.

You keep losing your son at a family party and you pull a quick fix. It's much easier to keep track of a bouncing silver balloon than a hyperactive child.

5. This girl's way of getting charged kid's prices.

Tired of being told you can't buy a Happy Meal because you're too old? Well, this one had enough and curved 'em hard. Get that toy and apple slices, girl. You earned it!

6. This dude's wedding proposal.

They say chivalry is dead, but I'd retort that statement with this picture. Not sure if it will last though, dude only shelled out for the 10 piece. True love is 20 pieces. 

7. This father's DIY TV stand.

Your dad doesn't care much for aesthetics, he's purely a form and function type of guy. A couple of planks of wood, a spare keg, computer speakers, and you have an entertainment center fit for a king.

8. This other dad with the bedroom DIY solution.

Leave it up to Dad to find a resourceful way to put a selfie stick to better use. It looks terrible, but now he can binge watch Netflix before going to bed. 

Why is this me whenever my dad comes up with a new "hack"?

And by hack, I mean hack job. Does it work? Sure, I guess. Should it exist? NOPE.

9. This genius with a steering wheel cupholder.

I get the necessity. Having the drink closer to your face makes sense, but seems its only purpose is to keep his hands free for both of those vapes. We get it bro: you vape.

10. This manager's solution to lost keys.

You lost the keys a bit too regularly, so your manager made some minor adjustments to the carabiner size. No way to lose this now, but knowing you, you'll find a way.

11. This helpful neighbor.

If you own an Apple TV, you know how easy it is to mix them up if you have more than one. Having a technologically inept neighbor with one only makes things worse, so this dude took the time to make things clear for Connie.

12. This town in Brazil's answer for patio restrictions.

It's illegal for bar owners to set up chairs and tables on the sidewalk, so the locals took matters into their own hands. You can't get between people and a good time, that's for sure. 

That thing is only a few quick DIY steps away from being a party bus.

It's honestly patio goals. I love that they don't let the man hold them down.

13. This creative doggo.

This black pup has a strange phobia of doors, but he has a funny way of getting over his fear. Just a helpful reminder from our four-legged friends that you should always do you, without compromise.

14. This guy on a romantic date.

Being single isn't stopping this guy from enjoying a nice day with a special friend. I wouldn't laugh, this guy seems happier with his furry friend than I was in my past couple relationships. 

15. This woman's hack for comfy heels.

Even if this keeps you from getting stuck in a grate, this fashion offense is worse than socks and sandals. Just stick with some nice comfy flats that pair well with any of your summer outfits.

16. This company's way around copyright infringement.

Can't be sued if your advertising is clever enough. This is definitely a lad in a costume, and not some guy in One Thousand and One Nights type clothing who could possibly resemble the Disney character Aladdin.

17. This brother's solution for a broken handle.

If the wood was better maintained, you could probably pass this off as shabby-chic. Sadly it's pretty rundown, though he did turn a broken corkscrew and drawer into something useful, so there's that.

18. This dude is onto something.

The little girl's expression is probably similar to the look on your face right now, but this guy may have just stumbled on a million dollar idea. No more risking pink-eye for a little shut-eye on the train!

19. The people of New York who take transit with their dogs.

You can't tell the people of New York they can no longer have their pets on the train. If the dog needs to come with, you know they'll find a bag large enough for their good boy. 

20. The person who had a whole lot of snow and no plow.

Why shovel the driveway when you have a perfectly good car and deep freezer already? This works, right?

21. This person who probably should have just bought a four-switch plate.

They used what they had on hand, and it worked, I guess. I really don't understand why this happened, though.

Honestly, while you could worry about getting things perfect forever, sometimes, it's best to say "good enough!"

If it works and it looks stupid, it's not stupid, OK? My dad taught me that.

22. This person who didn't have a bike rack but had a perfectly good lawnmower.

This is not safe enough to be on the road, but it gets the job done, at least.

23. This guy who needed a desk and got one... Kind of.

I'm sorry, maybe I'm the only one who didn't know this, but you can lift tiles from the floor?! SINCE WHEN?

24. This guy who needed a new mailbox.

Honestly, if you're just going to lose it to the neighborhood kids and their baseball bat, this is a better setup by far.

25. The person who could have put up an "out of order" sign but didn't.

This seems like a perfectly reasonable solution, right? Personally, I'm not into it, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Even if people judge you for how you solve your problems, keep doing you.

The haters will always try to hold you back. You just have to do your own thing and do it your way.


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