Wednesday, February 28, 2018

39 People That Took It Just A Step Too Far

Well, guys, I'm shook. Some of the things I've seen while compiling this list for you will haunt me forever.

In the next pictures, you'll find things that have gone muchtoo far, lines that have been passed so far we can't see even see them anymore. There's a verydistinct lack of chill!

1. I think they're lying. 

Yeah, this seems like one of those things where someone tells you to charge your phone by microwaving it but it just catches on fire.

2. This is way more controversial than their holiday cups.

Cool, sure, Michael Jordan's magnum opus was just "okay." 

In other news, the Taj Mahal is just "meh" and the Grand Canyon is "pretty big, I guess."

3. Mr. Tufts didn't deserve that!

But even so, it's kinda weird that this wanton act of cat mopping had three witnesses. Did they all come forward on their own or did they snitch as a group?

4. At this point, why even wear the shirt?

Apparently, half the gains come from getting caught on those handles and injuring yourself.

I knew there was a reason I could never find the motivation to go to the gym.

5. No.

The milk is enough, people. I do not remember lamenting that breakfast needed more diary.

Like, I don't even see how cheesy honeycombs would taste good. There's just so much that's wrong with this!

6. NO, NO, NO!

It was bad enough before, but I underestimated how horrible this could really get. Cheesy marshmallows?

What possesses anyone to even think of something like this? Pure madness...

7. Live dangerously or don't live at all

Plus, there's no better way to start the day than enjoying a nice breakfast in the fresh air.

And obviously, he couldn't just use the sidewalk because then he'd be in the way of the pedestrians and that would just be inconsiderate.

8. This all too real moment for any extra queen out there.

You never know where the night is going to take you! Sure, we're probably just gonna chill and eat pizza...but also, red carpet?

9. There was a line. It's been crossed

The two great tastes that don't go together at all!

Honestly, they might as well just call these toothpaste-flavored chips and be done with it. 

10. That'll be fun to clean...

I really can't imagine the smell in that room is too great either. And if it is fine, just give it a little time and it won't be.

11. Looks like Starbucks has a new flavor shot...

Trust me, it has way less sugar than the caramel shot, and at least ten times the flavor! Around for a limited time only...

12. This Tinder message. Like, I'd literally rather not, thanks. 

Normally, this question is kinda uncomfortable to ask. Like, why do you think I'm on Tinder? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out, brah.

13. When it comes to Bring Your Own Cup Day, people really stretch what the definition of a cup is

I guess dude knew to wait for the kid who clearly hates their job to show up before he gave this a shot.

14. You guys couldn't just have drawn a penis?

Also, how heavy of a sleeper does this dude have to be to not notice that his friends are blanketing his face in ink?

15. Gotta take advantage of that free Wi-Fi

Obviously, it would be foolish of me to ask why he doesn't just use a laptop.

He has to assert his dominance over both the guy with the notebook and the guy with the Macbook. 

16. This dog who is clearly the favorite child.

This dog is about to see a sketch of himself on a skateboard. What a gorgeous caricature. I wonder how it feels to be famous.

17. They say breakfast is the most important meal

The only problem is that you'd probably have to bribe your neighbors with them so they didn't squeal on you.

It's a little more work, but that's just the cost of doing business.

18. This madness must stop

Somebody needs to call Gordon Ramsay because I don't want to imagine a world where this doesn't get you yelled at.

Sure, I could call this person a donkey myself, but it just wouldn't be the same.

19. Love this drama.

Moms love to make fun of their moody teenage sons. This homage, however, takes the cake. I can't even tell them apart in most pics tbh.

20. Did you fake it for the dessert or the retweets?

If they were crafty enough to play the restaurant, they're probably also crafty enough to go for the long game and get the rest of us.

21. An affront to all we hold sacred 

Like, what does this even taste like? Just a creamy, amorphous puck? Yeah, that sounds really appetizing.

It's like whoever came up with the Double Stuf Oreos got way too ambitious. 

22. Probably should have started with one and seen how it went 

I really need to know the thought process that went behind this. Did he just wake up one day and think "yup, exactly nine need to go up there" or what?

23. Halloween should never be this scary 

We get enough jump scares in the movies, thanks. We don't need any of that in real life.

It's also hard enough to eat healthy without getting jumped by pineapples.

24. I don't care for this anarchy 

It's a good thing the makers go through the trouble of putting little letters on these things or society as we know it could just break down here.

25. The youths these days are really out of control 

Well, at least there will be a nice snack for the teacher's lounge when this is all over. Now all the kid has to do is start chucking donuts and they'll really be in business.

26. Yes. Those are urinals 

I really hope these don't catch on because it's not like anyone said that peeing in front of other people should be more awkward.

Seriously, what sadist came up with this?

27. You've gotta find some way to make friends, and sometimes that way is nacho cheese

Granted, it seems like part of a winning strategy, but without the chips, I'm not sure what people are supposed to do here.

28. This girl who face swapped with Kylie and tried to pass it off as herself.

I mean, I get it, but really? You're really going to try it?

29. Out of the corner of your eye you spot him... Shia LaBeouf!

Not everyone could pull off wearing America's favorite, actor/performance artist/social activist on their body, but I think she's making it work!

30. JK, this dog is clearly the favorite child.

I mean, dogs deserve to be treated like royalty. Why must they be banished to the back? They have four legs. They need more room.

31. This mom who believes no text is too small for a little aesthetic flare.

Who doesn't love a little drama? Brb while I go find this app and change my life.

32. This mom who wants her bathroom aesthetic to be the most.

I love the drama here. This is something I cannot wait to put my family through. 

33. It's one thing to steal the armrest, but this is something else

Because why would I have a problem with someone putting their feet all over something I'm supposed to eat off of?

That would just be crazy.

34. Okay, but she's gorgeous, though, so it was totally worth it.

Why does she look better in fake Christmas tree branches than I did at my prom???

FOUR HOURS, that's why.

35. This family that clearly takes Thanksgiving very seriously.

I mean, is it eerie? Yes. But do I kinda live for it? Again, yes.

I dare my child to try me like that.

36. This mom who isn't here to play games.

I used to put three ponytails in my hair for crazy hair day. Clearly, I was playing games. This makes my shooketh. Crazy hair day will never be the same again.

37. The price point for this whole rustic-chic look is really getting out of hand

Plus, they really won't have my interest until they come out with a nice $150 rock. Maybe spread some moss on it to really give me my money's worth.

38. I hope it's fake, but I don't think it is...

Well, at least this seemed to work out for him. Can you imagine how much it would suck if he went to these insane lengths and still got turned down? 

39. These guys who know the only way to deal with taggers is to get on their level. 

Why clean it up when we can make them look like losers? Hell yeah, you showed them.

But yeah, I think everybody needs to dial it back for a second.

Otherwise, they're not gonna realize the consequences of their actions before it's too late. Whatever you do, you don't wanna get to the "nine creme eggs" stage.


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