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7 Disney Princesses If They Aged Like Us

Remember watching your favorite Disney princesses and wishing you could be JUST like them? How you envied Ariel's voluminous hair and longed for Jasmine's gorgeous brown eyes? What you probably never thought about was how old some of these girls actually were. Here's our list of what these princesses would look like if they were their real ages!

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1. Do you remember being 16 years old and running off to war to defeat the Huns and save China?

Maybe jumping off of the odd rooftop to avoid being exploded by fireworks, and bandaging your chest to pretend that you were actually a man?

Wait, hold up. You don't? 

Well, that's because you were probably testing the limits of your makeup knowledge and wearing edgy jewelry. You know, trying to be as mysterious as the dark side of the moon.

I'm living for that choker and white eyeliner, by the way.

2. Princess Jasmine was a mere 15 years old when her father tried to marry her off. 

Wouldn't you be a little ticked off? I mean, I don't blame her for being super sassy all the time and holding a general grudge towards all men. 

If Jasmine had acted her age, she would have likely rebelled with dramatic makeup, plaid shirts, and maybe a piercing or two. That'll show the sultan. 

Oh, plus, 15-year-olds and tigers do not mix. The whole 'sneaking out with a mysterious boy after dark' thing is kind of accurate, though — maybe not on a magic carpet tour around the world, but you get the idea!

3. At 16 years old, our favorite redheaded princess was running away from home, making deals with evil sea witches, and falling in love with older men. 

When you think about it, she wasn't thatfar off of how human teenagers behave. How many of you girls out there had overprotective fathers with a bit of a temper? 

You're too young to know what a dinglehopper is, Ariel.

In reality, Prince Eric was likely Ariel's first crush, which meant she was probably writing in her diary and daydreaming about his beautiful baby blues.

If Ariel went to human high school, she would probably be the girl who always had a boyfriend, and made overly dramatic Facebook statuses with song lyrics.

I'm willing to bet that those glasses don't even have a prescription. *sigh* Hipsters.

4. Cinderella was 19 years old, so meeting a handsome prince at a ball isn't all that scandalous.

In fact, I would consider her to be a little behind on the whole dating scene. I mean, if Princess Jasmine can be married and go on magic carpet rides at 15, Cindy needs to step up her game.

Remember how she fell into the care of her wicked stepmother at such a young age? 

Let's not pretend that her dental needs were dealt with right away. She probably had to endure the first few years of her teenage life with crooked teeth, and when she got old enough to date was stuck with some pretty gnarly headgear. 

There's no way that she would have lucked out and just needed bottom braces with cute pink and green elastics in the summer and orange and black in the fall (guilty). 

The headgear struggle is real. 

She wouldn't have been able to land a Prince Charming with that look. I'm not even sure that her fairy godmother would step in to help her out. (Is that too mean? Nothing against those with headgear, but come on).

5. Elsa had a lot on her shoulders at just 21 years old. 

You know, what with her parents dying and her becoming the sole guardian of her younger sister. Not to mention the mounting pressure of having to be crowned queen of a kingdom you haven't seen in years because of your dangerous magical powers that serve no good purpose.

With all that on her plate, there's no way that she could maintain that bleach blonde look she was rocking.

I find it really hard to believe that the color was natural. Anna was a redhead, and her mom was a brunette. Her dad had sandy blonde hair at best. There's just no way.

In reality, when it came to touching up her roots, she would probably have just... let it go.

6. At 18 years old, you're really starting to find yourself. 

You're ready for adventures and change. You can finally break free from under your parent's roof and you don't have to listen to their rules anymore. RIP curfew! 

And if Rapunzel hadn't been locked up in a tower for 18 years she likely would have experimented with her hair a few times. 

I can just imagine that she would rebel in any means possible. Tattoos, piercings — you name it. 

Actually, I'm surprised that after she was freed from the tower in the movie, she didn't go out and do something crazy like that. 

I know I would have. Or would have at least thrown it into a messy bun and refused to brush it as a rebellion against my evil mother. 

7. Did you know that Snow White was just 14 years old in the movie?

The poor girl has been through a lot and we don't really give her much credit for it.

Not every 14-year-old has to deal with such intense issues.

There was the whole escaping death situation, living with seven little men, and then all the drama with eating the poisonous apple. 

Fortunately for her, she managed to look flawless the entire time. I swear not a hair went out of place, and that porcelain skin...

If we're being honest here, Snow White would have been going through puberty at this time.

She probably hadn't yet learned about the wonders of makeup.

I like to think that she went through that unfortunate "I'm just going to pluck a few stray hairs from my eyebrows... oops, I plucked too much!" phase. 

If we had to go through those awkward years, she should, too.

There's no way her lipstick would actually look as good as it did and there's no way that her lashes aren't actually falsies.

Can you relate to any of these Disney Princesses if they had aged like real-life teenagers?

I was definitely guilty of the overdramatic Facebook statuses like Ariel would have been and knew nothing about makeup when I was fourteen. I looked a lot like teenage Snow White, not knowing how to apply even some basic mascara. 

Please tell me I'm not the only one here who struggled through this! Guys? Guys???

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