Monday, February 12, 2018

8 Disney Characters Without Their Baby Faces


Eyes are the window to the soul. But what kind of weird soul do people have with giant eyes and baby faces?

In recent years, there's been a push to have Disney characters with more realistic body shapes.

The idea is to promote a healthier body image for young girls. But that means faces need to be less exaggerated and sexualized, and waists and bodies need to be more proportional to the way humans actually are.

Artists have recently tried doing this themselves, giving smaller eyes and more angular faces to Disney princesses and some secondary characters – changing their baby faces to adult faces.

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1. Here's Merida from Brave...

...Now with a fuller face, smaller eyes and a thicker neck.

2. Rapunzel from Tangled... with less of a button nose and significantly smaller eyes. She's so realistic!

You then you got both princesses from Frozen!

3. Oh hey there Anna..

...her eyes! They're soooo anatomically correct!

4. Elsa is one of the most dramatic...

...just. Just look!

The short animated version of this really makes you wonder how different a disney movie could look for young girls...

5. Even Rapunzel's nemesis, Mother Gothel gets the babyface reduction...

Now she looks like less of a caricature.

6. Then there's Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6 whose non-babyface haunts my dreams..

They even did Ratatouille?? 

7. Colette Tatou as the female chef in Ratatouille...


8. While she's not a Disney princess, she's still great – it's Linda Gunderson from Rio.

...I'm swooning!

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Or how about THIS change?

Main and collage image via imgur / oedipusshmeedipus


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