Friday, February 16, 2018

A New Lexus Is Packed With 41,999 LED Lights For A Constant Light Show

Have you ever been annoyed that your car is stuck with one color? Well, the new Lexus LIT IS sedan takes care of that with more than 40,000 LED lights on its exterior. Need a 24/7 Pink Floyd light show on your vehicle? Lexus just answered your call. 

Check out this insane vehicle that is already being featured in music videos. 

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Check out the new Lexus LIT IS sedan.

If you don't particularly like the car's design in this photo, it doesn't matter because you can simply change it in a moment's notice. 

As you can see from this Lexus ad, this car really breaks the mold. 

The 41,999 programmable LED lights create a dazzling display (and probably a distraction) to those around you. One awesome feature is that the lights sync to the music that is playing on the inside of the vehicle. 

I agree! 

That means the car also has rhythm. 

Let's take a closer look at the LED lights.

You have to see some of the other cool things the car can do...

Not only do the lights sync with the music you're listening to on the inside of the car...

...the car reacts to gestures made from the outside of the car as well.

In this gif, you can see how the light array changes when a person waves their hands near the front of the car. 

The car has even made an appearance in a music video already for "Be The One" by Dua Lipa.

That's pretty good advertising, I would say!

Here is the full promo video from Lexus. This vehicle is too cool.

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