Saturday, February 24, 2018

Ariana Grande's Style Evolution

Ariana Grande is the pop princess that we all deserve and are blessed to have in our lives. Just when you think her music can't get any better, she releases her new album and we're all deceased. The entire album, Dangerous Woman, is amazing! She's really come a long way since her Nickelodeon days! Let's take a look back on this pop diva and how she's evolved from a teen star into a dangerous woman! 

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We all know Ariana as Cat Valentine fromVictorious andSam & Cat 

Still upset that the shows are over! Cat was the best character on BOTH those shows!

And of course, we all know ALL of her amazing songs from her albums. 

TBH, I'm still listening to "The Way."

She's also seriously the queen of social media. Everything about her Instagram is on point!

If you're not following her on Snapchat, what are you doing with your life?!

She's taken over the world with her music and she's become a beauty and fashion icon! 

It's time to review the evolution of Ariana from a teen TV star to pop princess.

Before her successful TV shows and her big singing career, Ariana was on Broadway when she was 14! That was when she used to wear her hair all natural!

She starred in the musical 13. That's where she met her Victoriousco-star, Elizabeth Gillies!

In 2009, she auditioned and got the part of Cat Valentine! For the part, she used to dye her hair red every other week!

Okay how can she pull off so many hair colors?! It's unfair.

Victorious became so popular that everyone knew Ariana's name! Ariana loved playing Cat so much that she started dressing like her in cute dresses and kitten heels!

In 2010, she started recording music for her album while also filming Victorious

She's still rocking that fiery red hair! And look how well it goes with her purple dress! 

After Victorious ended, she landed another TV show. She continued playing Cat Valentine except this time on Sam & Cat.

She's also experimenting with her style! She's getting more mature with her longer red carpet dresses!

2013 was a special year. It was the arrival of Ariana's signature hairstyle: the half-up, half-down with the bangs pinned back. EVERYONE wanted to copy her hair!

It seriously changed the hair game for EVERYONE.

It was also a special year because that's when she released her first album, Yours Truly! Everything about her changed: her music, her hair, her fashion!

Someone's growing up! Ariana ditched the cutesy dresses and started getting more confident in her style. She's still got that signature hair style though!

Yours Trulyliterally smashed records and she started working on a new album AND her new style. It's all about platform boots and vinyl dresses!

Look at her rocking that lighter hair. Ugh, she's just perf.

Look at her SLAYING the fashion game. Her outfits for her second album got even better. AND her music got even catchier. How is that even possible? 

Co-ords, cat ears and her ponytail. Everything about Ariana's aesthetic is on fleek. 

Now Ariana's been nominated for two Grammys, she just released her third album AND she's coming out with her own fashion line. 

SLAY, GIRL, SLAY. Bow down to the queen!

I can't wait to see what Ariana does next! COMMENT and tell us which Ariana song is your favorite!

She's totes bae!


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