Thursday, February 1, 2018

Artist Uses Flowers To Transforms Her Home Into A Nature Dreamscape

OK, you have GOT to see this artist's home. Sorry, her CASTLE. In the South of France. 

Claire Basler is a French fine artist who finds her biggest inspiration in the natural world. Not only has she secured a home with the perfect environment for her work, but she's also turned the interior into a surreal dream world of paint and live plants. She immersed herself in inspiration. As her personal website says:

Come for a tour with me.

Even the approach is a thing of beauty.

It's like you're following a path into fairyland. 

Then you see the 13th Century Château de Beauvoir appear.

My first thought is that the tower needs a reading nook right up top. 

Through the welcoming garden.

Just so much greenery!


Throughout the house, Claire has painted the walls with massive floral murals! She's then paired it with understated furniture and even more nature in the form of plants and fresh flowers.

How beautiful is that? Come with me to the next page, because you've gotto see the bedrooms!

Surreal and moody.

While I could see how someone could find the bedrooms too dark or foreboding, I personally think they look calming and dreamy. It would be like falling asleep in a foggy forest glen every night.

Oh look, she has plenty of spare beds!

I'll happily move into the one by the window! And not just because that kitty looks so cuddly. 

I will also happily curl up with this kitty.

I think this is my favorite wall mural. The flowers are so dreamy and almost seem abstract.

See? Even Kitty appreciates the pretty flowers!

You have to see the next page. Even the bathrooms are gorgeous!

You know, I'm not usually one for black tile.

But these ones are certainly chic. 

It's definitely a luxurious place to take a bath.

The pops of white ceramic are a nice detail.

She can go bright and simple, too!

This bathroom is spacious and only needs a partial mural to look great!

She does it all herself!

As time goes by, every room will probably be painted in this way. 

To the kitchen and dining room!

Even the rooms without a mural look natural and inviting.

I love this old castle kitchen. 

A lovely place for a morning coffee.

The stone bust could be mistaken for being part of the mural. 

Adding firewood to the decor brings even more natural warmth.

Even without lighting an actual fire, there is something cozy about a stack of firewood.

This is my favorite room.

It should be overwhelming, but something about the perfect color palette and the bright, modern lights really bring it together for me. The lights seem made for this room.

Ok, I lied. My absolute favorite room is Claire's studio.That's next.

An artist's dream studio.

I would like to volunteer as Claire's apprentice. I can mix paints, clean brushes, and wrangle cats if it means I get to work in this very room. 

I'm serious here — where can I apply to become the apprentice/cat wrangler.

Call me! I'll work for room, board, and paint.

Her supplies and pigments are gorgeous, too.

Look at those lovely colors. So bright and inspiring.

Somehow, even her painting rags are beautiful!

What do you think?

Even if it's a bit much for your taste, is there any detail or idea you would love to have in your own home? Tell us in the COMMENTS!

h/t Claire BASLER


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