Sunday, February 18, 2018

Better Than A Crying Baby: 16 Adorable Pet Passengers

Traveling with animals can be a fun and joyous experience, but there are also a lot of risks and concerns to be aware of. By now, I'm sure you know putting your pet under the plane's cabin to travel is not ideal. I admit, I have brought my long dog on several direct flights where she had to be placed under the cabin. She and I cried each time. I felt horribly guilty each time. And then, I listened to my intuition and researched outside the airline's promotions. I found a lot of heartbreaking statistics about the dangers involved. And while my long dog LOVES adventures, seeing the rest of the family, etc., I ultimately decided that if she hasto go under the plane, perhaps she'd prefer to stay at a country club for pets instead. It just isn't worth the risk. 

(Don't worry, Rouge, we're working on getting you that private plane I promised one day, ha-ha). 

These traveling animals are currently all a little luckier than mine. They get to ride in style! Check it out and remember to always think about what is best for your pet and your family. 

1. Hey! Can someone send some snacks down here or what? can I find a plane with THAT MUCH LEG ROOM? #ImStillNot100%ConvincedRougeCantRideInStyle

2. I even gets to fly too. 

3. Where did you say we were going again?

4. Here is Mr. Bailey the cat on his first flight. #WrappedInLove

5. Hey man, wanna let me out? I'll be good! Promise!

6. It's not just cats and dogs who travel you know...

7. This cat makes Business Class look like First Class. 

8. Please stop talking to me. I'm trying to watch the movie. 

9. Did they give you crackers with the soup? I didn't get crackers!

10. I'm not a kitty! I'm a cat! Why so many awes?

11. This kangaroo is on board to provide support to one of the passengers. 

12. Hey, seriously, quiet down. Trying to sleep here! 

13. These guys fit right in! They're strutting around like, "Oh sorry, sir. Would you like some more ice chips with that water?"

14. Some airlines will even let you bring your falcon. Nail clippers are still prohibited.

15. I don't let my human get too far away from me at any one time.

16. We're just taking a lil' vacay from being so cute.


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