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Family Of 5 Adopts Twins. One Is Really Sick. Their Story Reminds Us Every Day Is A Gift

Every family has a special story that is just theirs. 

It's the story of how they came to be and what makes them uniquely them. 

These stories remind us that every family has their triumphs and struggles...and every family has their own way of healing.

This family wanted to SHARE their special story with us. 

It's a testament to making the most out of every single day we have together. 

When Allison and Josh first got engaged, the plan was to have two, maybe three children. After marrying, their plan stayed the same. 

When they actually became parents? Well, as you can imagine, everything changed. 

By the time they had five children, they were pretty sure that was that. 

Now? They're the proud parents of seven: four biological and three adopted. 

How did they go from five to seven? Well...they got a call about a soon-to-be baby in need and said yes. They would adopt this child. They then found out there was another one on the way. Twins! 

There was another twist in store though...

After they got the call that twins were on the way, the hospital called again. The second baby wasn't healthy. 

"We went from overwhelmed and elated to overwhelmed and just crushed over the thought that she wouldn't be alive when we got there..."

They ran to her. They were happy to see that not only had she made it through the delivery, but she was breathing on her own too. 

Everything looked good, but the doctors revealed this little one had "gross abnormalities in her brain." They weren't sure how long she'd live for. 

The doctors told them that "beyond a brain stem, she didn't have anything...what makes a person a person wasn't there." 

But...her parents say today that she definitely has a personality. 

Mom says, "She's a feisty little thing." 

Dad tells us, "We knew she was still going to be part of the family despite the prognosis." 

"She's been the perfect addition to our family." Mom shares that the best moment was getting to thank the twins' birth mom.

They couldn't be more grateful that she chose them to watch over her little babies. This family treats every day like the gift it is and reminds us to love the ones we have with everything, always.

You can watch their full story here:

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