Saturday, February 3, 2018

Take A Peek Inside The Factory Where Bugatti Makes The $2.6 Million Chiron

It somehow seems a bit backwards, but one of the most technologically advanced super-cars ever produced is put together by hand. They don't use any robots, or any tools more advanced than a system that lets workers know when they've tightened each bolt enough. That's what you get when you have craftsmen dedicated to superior quality creating a work of art, however. And that's one of the reasons why the Bugatti Chiron is $2.6 million.

Bugatti are best known for the legendary Veyron, the fastest street-legal production car in the world.

But the Veyron was retired in 2014 with plenty for the next generation to live up to. Its successor, the Chiron, debuted in 2016 – and it looks like the Veyron's legacy is in good hands.

The craftsmen at Bugatti take exceptional care with their cars.

They're very aware that they're assembling incredibly expensive machines that are both super high-performance cars and works of art.

More than 1,800 parts go into the Chiron.

The Chiron's 1500 horsepower, 16-cylinder engine improves on the Veyron's 1200 horsepower and boasts a face-melting top speed of 261 mph.

And, as a bonus, it's beautiful.

Though you won't go very far very fast if you just stand around staring at it. 

As you might expect with a car with such a mind-blowing price tag, Bugatti offers some tailoring to the Chiron...

Anything that can move like a Chiron will need some heavy duty brakes.

So, naturally, the Chiron's carbon fiber disc brakes are massive.

Of the 70 Chirons Bugatti will produce in 2017, they'll all be unique.

Customers willing to shell out for the Chiron can pick from 23 different shades of leather, 31 different colors of stitching, 18 colors for the carpets, and 11 colors for the seat belts. And the exterior paint can be mixed to match any color swatch the customer can provide. 

Bright lights in the factory don't just make the Chiron look good – they also serve a purpose.

They help imperfections and blemishes stand out during the six-hour inspection the team performs on each Chiron.

Also included in the $2.6 million price tag: at least one trip to the factory to see your Chiron being built.

Some customers even get to help put it together. The assembly alone takes two months, and from order to delivery, the process takes about six months. 

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