Wednesday, February 21, 2018

This Morbid Riddle Asks You To Solve A Mysterious Death

It's strange how many riddles have morbid premises. While it's true that some are innocent enough, a lot of them seem to begin with a horrific accident where someone died. Whether it's the old "bury the survivors" plane crash teaser or the one where a boy's father dies but the doctor says the boy is their son, you have to swallow a pretty dark tale right from the get go. Even the one about the four men in the boat involves them sinking to the bottom. 

Since the listener is about to be drawn into a puzzle they don't necessarily want to solve, the harsh opening makes sense. If you want someone to stay invested in your riddle long enough to bother solving it, starting things off with an exciting event is a good way to hook them. 

We hope today's riddle will inspire the same level of interest because it asks you to solve a mysterious death.

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As you might expect, we begin with a dead man.

We find him laying alone in a field. So our mystery begins.

All we can find on him is a package.

If you think it's the source of the poor man's fate, you'd be right. There's just one problem.

The package isn't open.

So not only can we not see what's inside, but we're puzzled as to how it could have killed him.

So to solve the mystery, we have to find out what was inside.

Then we'll know exactly what caused the man's death.

Some of you might think it's a bomb.

Although a bomb would certainly kill the man, it would also blow the package apart. So that's out.

So now we're left with a puzzling question.

What kind of package is more deadly closed than open? Here's one last clue to lead you to the answer.

Remember to consider how the man got to the field.

Thinking of a violent way to get there will clue you in as to how a package that fails to do something is more deadly than one that's designed to kill.

If you're still stuck, here's the answer.

The man was a skydiver and his parachute didn't open.

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Main image via The Arizona Republic | Tempe Police Department

Collage image via DeviantArt / Raunchy-Rachel


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