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This Person Just Came Up With The Most Mind-Blowing Theory About Rey's Family In Star Wars


Okays, so the very second the credits rolled for Star Wars: Force Awakensafter the first screening, we went into theory territory.

Who the hell is Supreme Leader Snoke? Why did Luke fail with Kylo Ren? And lastly why did Rey get abandoned on Jakku when she was just a kid and who abandoned her??

A huge part of the film surrounds the tough heroine waiting on the desert planet waiting for her family. There are theories that she's not related to characters that we know. Others say that she's definitely a Skywalker. But the most compelling one seems to make so much sense.

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So when we meet Rey she's stranded on the desert planet of Jakku and she says she can't leave because she's waiting for her family to come back.

Because her story echoes Luke's in the 1977's Star Wars: A New Hope, everyone thinks she must be related to Luke Skywalker and that the movie ends with her meeting her father.

That's why he gives her a loving look that looks slightly apologetic like "Crap. Sorry I ditched you when you were a kid..."

But what if I told you it's not a Skywalker but another Jedi?

Turns out, there's so much evidence for her parentage NOT being a former Tatoonie resident..

First off, the actress, Daisy Ridley, was told not to lose her British accent when doing the part and that matter because who she's related also had a British accent..

In other words, the director made a conscious decision for her to sounds English.

Knowing this would change the context of the whole Star Wars saga and tie together the whole story!

Her grandfather is Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Hear me out.

First off, Rey hears Obi-Wan's voice when she touches Luke's lightsaber and it says "Rey, these are your first steps..."

Rey is drawn by the force to the bottom of Maz's castle and stumbles upon Luke's lightsaber.  As she gets back from her force visions, a voice that producers got from splicing both Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor, who both play Obi-Wan Kenobi in the original three Star Wars films and in the three prequels, respectively.

It's not Luke's voice or even Darth Vader.

Second, she's a great pilot and uses the force exactly in the same way as her grandfather..

They both have a tendency to trick weak-minded people to do what they want. Say, getting past this stormtrooper checkpoint or in Rey's case, convincing a stormtrooper to set her free.

Third, Obi-Wan has been tempted to leave the Jedi Order over a woman. He might have met another woman after he went into exile.

In the Clone Warsanimated series (which is considered canon) Obi-Wan openly admits his feelings for Duchess Satine who was killed, and even said he would've left the Jedi Order over her. So him having a girlfriend or wife is completely possible.

But if Obi-wan DID have a woman he fathered a child with, who then had a daughter named Rey, what would that mean for the Star Wars universe?!

Star Wars started chronologically with a Kenobi fighting a Skywalker in the prequels...

Obi-Wan raising, befriending and eventually fighting his apprentice Anikin Skywalker.

The original trilogy follows that chronologically and follows a Kenobi mentoring a Skywalker...

Obi-Wan, wanting to make up for the mistakes of his first apprentice, helps to train Luke Skywalker and bring balance to the force.

And in the third trilogy it's a Skywalker training... a KENOBI!

As Darth Vader said: "The circle is now complete."

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