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Toys 'R' Us Locations To Offer Quiet Shopping Hour For Autistic Children

Autism awareness has really started to take off in the last several years as the diagnosis rate for this psychological condition seems to be on the rise. In fact, 1 in every 68 children is considered to be autistic. 

One prevalent symptom associated with autism is sensitivity to loud noises. Intense anxiety can be sparked by a fire alarm or a loud crowded space, for example. Unfortunately, this sensitivity to sound and oftentimes bright light prevents parents in some cases from taking their children to busy stores. Now, one company is stepping up and giving children with autism a dedicated time to shop in quiet peace. 

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In a world filled with sudden high-pitched sounds, the number of places that autistic children can comfortably go is reduced. 

Toys "R" Us is one company that plans to accommodate autistic children by providing a quiet hour to shop. 

Every child should be able to enjoy walking in wonderment down aisles filled with toys, right? Toys "R" Us seems to think so. 

There's one thing, though. Only locations in the United Kingdom are offering the quiet hour at this time. 

Toys "R" Us marketing director Mike Coogan talked to the Telegraphand explained some details surrounding the program. 

“Making slight adjustments to stores and creating a quiet shopping period allows children and young adults to experience the fun in a toy shop, regardless of their disability,” he said. 

Several adjustments will be made to the stores during the quiet hour...

One way that the store will change during this hour is by dimming their lights. 

Beginning November 6th, Toys "R" Us locations in the UK will turn off in-store music and also do away with loud in-store announcements for quiet hours. 

Daniel Cadey, autism access manager for the National Autistic Society, is directly thanking the company for their inclusive actions. 

“Simple changes like this can make a huge difference to the 700,000 autistic people in the UK and to their families, and we hope that many more major retailers will follow the great example set by Toys R Us," he said. 

Every child should experience the joy of a toy store, and these changes might actually bring a smile to the face of a child with autism. 

Some have even asked, are the U.S. locations going to be next? 

What do you think?

Other companies have also started similar quiet hour programs for their shoppers as well...

Simon Lea, the manager of an Asda Living store in Manchester, started a similar quiet hour to accommodate families with autistic children (and adults).

Much like the quiet hour planned by Toys "R" Us, the Asda location turned off in-store music and cut off display TVs. 

Simon came up with the idea for his store after seeing an autistic boy struggling at the location not too long ago. Another interesting addition to the quiet hour was a map with only picture symbols instead of text-heavy ones. 

The quiet hour was met with such positivity and enthusiasm that eight other stores in the Manchester Fort shopping complex are following suit.

Good work, Simon!

Luckily, there are companies out there who are willing to do such an awesome thing for families affected by autism. 

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