Saturday, February 17, 2018

Why You Need To Drop Everything And Follow Ryan Reynolds On Twitter

Drop everything. Put down that newspaper. Put down that cup of coffee. Yep, even that small child you just grabbed from a stroller in the middle of the mall. PUT. IT. DOWN. You need to follow Ryan Reynolds on Twitter. The Canadian actor is hilarious in movies, of course. Everybody knows about his fantastic sense of humor from Deadpool, Waiting..., and Van Wilder, but the twitterverse might be where the 40-year-old is at his best. Here's why!

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Everybody knows that Ryan is a family man, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some fun at their expense.

And his lovely wife, Blake Lively, isn't the only one subject to his comedic wrath.

But at least he lets his daughter watch Disney movies…

OH. NO. Zero-100 real quick.

He isn't afraid to tweet about important issues...

Ryan likes to engage in politics.

But never takes it too seriously.

He gets intimate with his fellow celebs.

Like, really intimate...

We're asking the same question, Ryan...

If you tweet him, and he might even respond with some great advice.

But be careful, he has a bit of a tendency to exaggerate.

This can't be true. Can it?

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