Monday, February 5, 2018

Young Justin Trudeau Wins The Internet With Canada's Newest Export: Pure Hunk

Usually pics from years ago come back to haunt you, right? I know for myself, I hate going through old pictures and seeing all my poor hair and clothing choices. Just because lots of people were doing the bleach blond thing in the '90s doesn't mean it was a good idea for me. But Justin Trudeau? Apparently even the past is on his side. 

By now, you have to be pretty out of the loop to not realize that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is one handsome Canuck.

World leaders aren't supposed to be this hunky, are they?

He's got that good-guy Canadian thing going for him, too, which is almost unfair.

Helping a guy in a wheelchair down an escalator? Who couldn't love this guy?

We've seen him showing off his yoga poses – not many government leaders could pull off a move like that!

And the internet lost whatever collective cool it had when this picture of Trudeau's butt surfaced. 

But now, pictures of Trudeau as a young stud have come to light, and the internet is falling for him all over again...

It looks like the internet wants to get lost in young Trudeau's eyes over maple syrup and pancakes.

Yeah, the internet has a pretty serious crush on young Trudeau. 

The thirst is real. 

Sorry ladies – including you, Ivanka – he's taken.


Author: verified_user