Tuesday, March 13, 2018

10 Glam Grandmas

Just like Aaliyah sang, "Age ain't nothing but a number." Nowadays, this is so true. Parents and even grandparents are continuing their education, ladies are dating younger men, and vice versa. I definitely feel like people are coming to terms with the fact that age really doesn't matter. If you're 70 and you have a sudden desire to become a chef, do it! No one can stop you. 

One of the many things that I enjoy in my life is getting glam, and when I get old, I don't want that to end. I still want to wear falsies and highlight my face. Well, guess what? There are tons of grandmas who do that. Grandma, or should I say glamma? These sophisticated ladies' faces are beaten to perfection. Check out 12 glam grandmas that prove age is nothing but a number. 

1. Beautiful

I'm obsessed with her lip color. So stunning. 

2. Winter Glam 

Her eye makeup is making her eyes pop! This look would be perfect for the holiday season. 

3. Purple 

That eyeshadow, though. It compliments her skin tone perfectly.

The Process

This glam grandma is 80 years old! She's giving us ladies a run for our money. 

4. Peachy 

I'm loving this look! Also, her granddaughter is the one giving her these makeovers. How sweet is that?

5. Natural 

I'm loving this natural glam look. So subtle. 


Her before is just as cute as the after. 

6. After 

Looks like she is ready to go on a hot date. 

7. Bold

I have never seen anyone rock a red lip like that. She is killing it. 

8. Gorgeous

Yas! Strike a pose, grandma. 

9. No-Makeup Makeup 

65 and killing it! Fabulous. 

10. Pretty In Purple

She obviously loves purple. Usually, matching eyeshadow and lipstick don't look good together. Well, she proved me wrong. 

Do you think you will ever be a glam grandma? Comment to let us know! 


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