Friday, March 2, 2018

12 Boy Band Photos That Are So Cheesy They're Wonderful

Boy bands seem to be a dying breed, and it makes me super emotional when I think about it. First, the Backstreet Boys stopped making music. Then, *NSYNC broke up and broke our hearts in the process. And although I thought it'd never happen, the Jonas Brothers and One Direction ultimately met the same fate. Even though I still get super teary-eyed when I think about how the world is lacking in glorious boy bands, we can still reflect back on their best and absolute cheesiest photos for some temporary relief. Keep scrolling to take a trip down memory lane. 

1. Tan Leather Trench Coats

It would feel wrong to not give the Backstreet Boys the entire first page of this list. I don't know what's better: these matching Inspector Gadget–inspired outfits or A.J.'s rectangular sunglasses. 

2. Coordinating Hammock Outfits

Every boy band needs a hammock photoshoot. And there's A.J. with his sunglasses again. 

3. Nick's Pose & Turtleneck 

There are so many great things at play in this photo, but I think we all need to take a moment and appreciate Nick's tight short-sleeved turtleneck. I love his hand-on-the-hip pose. So sassy!

4. Mad About Plaid 

This photo completely sums up the '90s. The sideways visors and baggy plaid shirts are bringing me right on back.

5. Knights In Shining White Suits

Next up, *NSYNC. Why is JC the only one who gets his own horse? I think there was some clear favoritism going on here. 

6. Oversized Overalls

Yes. Just yes. 

7. Heads In The Clouds

I love their poses, like they're so deep in thought about the future of the band. Why are Justin's pants undone though...?

8. Sporty Chic

The best part about this photo is how much hair gel obviously went into it. I think Joey won the spiky competition. 

9. More Matching White Outfits

I feel like everyone always forgets about 98 Degrees. The Lachey brothers? These angelic outfits? The tribal tattoos? Hellllooooo!?

10. 50 Shades Of Baby Blue

How many bottles of bleach do you think it took for Justin to get his hair this light? Two? Three?

11. The Classic Point & Hand On Chin

We lost boy bands for a while there, but thankfully the Jonas Brothers rescued us in 2005. I can't believe Nick got to take center stage here. It was always Joe!

12. Happy In The Hamptons 

And I simply had to end on the boy band we'll probably never get over, One Direction. They look so happy here, like they all just came from a polo match in the Hamptons. Why'd they have to go break up?!

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