Tuesday, March 6, 2018

12 Couple's Halloween Costumes Inspired By Popular TV Shows

Even though Halloween is a couple of weeks away, people are already starting to prep for that joyous night. Seriously, can we just take a moment and appreciate how amazing Halloween is. Like, it's the best holiday! You don't even have to buy gifts for friends and family. The most you can do is buy candy and give it away, which makes you a great person.   

The greatest thing about Halloween is seeing everybody's costumes. I love how creative people can get. The one thing I don't like seeing is couples in cheesy costumes. Like the plug and the socket. Boring and unoriginal. If you're going out on Halloween with your significant other, I want you to step it up! Take inspiration from your favorite TV show. I mean, every show has a dynamic duo! Here are 12 couple's Halloween costumes that are inspired by popular TV shows. 

1. Saved By The Bell 

Aww! My favorite high school sweethearts. 

2. The Addams Family 

This is so easy to recreate! Just wear your finest black outfit. 

3. Hey Arnold! 

Even though Helga looks angry, she's probably dying of happiness on the inside. Look how close she is to Arnold! 

4. Popeye The Sailor Man 

Relationship goals.

5. Bob's Burgers

My favorite couple on TV. They are just so cute! This Halloween look isn't complete without Linda saying, "Alrigggght," all night long. 

6. The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air 

I love this costume idea. I'm sure any '90s baby can agree.

7. American Horror Story 

Honestly, this is scaring me. Makes sense, though, because I'm just as scared when I watch an episode of American Horror Story. 

8. Pokémon

Everyone is going crazy over Pokémon, so this is a perfect Halloween costume. Go Team Rocket! 

9. Clueless

She copied Dionne's outfit to a T. She even got the hat right! Amazing. 

10. Game Of Thrones 

This couple means business. 

11. Recess 

The coolest kids in the schoolyard. 

12. Kim Possible 

Are they going out for Halloween, or are they saving the world? 

What are you going to be for Halloween? Comment to let us know! 


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