Thursday, March 22, 2018

14 Ideas To Hack An Empty Pizza Box

Pizza: a food group all on its own. Amazing, yet unfortunately the boxes are wasteful. 

Did you know that while the boxes are good quality cardboard, they aren't truly recyclable due to the grease and food buildup inside? The grease speeds the biodegrading process, causing the cardboard to become worthless before it can be processed. 

However, there are tons of ways you can reuse those pizza boxes at home. So clean out any stray cheese left behind after your feast and put those boxes to use.

1. Have fun gifting cash.

Giving money can feel impersonal, but sometimes, it's the best gift option for that particular person. So have fun with it by presenting the cash in a pizza box, complete with a punny description. 

2. Get lost in a childhood game. 

Remember those lovely wooden maze games we had growing up? The ones we'd play with until we lost the marble and were afraid the cat ate it? (Only me, huh?) Relive that happy memory by making a labyrinth from an old pizza box and some of the marbles the cat never got to. 

3. Or play a more grown-up game. 

Pizza boxes make a great base for a DIY game of Battleshots! All you need is a Sharpie and 34 containers of some sort to put your shots in. Pro tip: those little ketchup cups at the fast food joint are the perfect size — and they're free. 

4. Camp on a budget.

With a bit of tin foil and a sunny day, you can turn any pizza box into a solar oven. Line the box with the foil and point that bad boy at the sun. You'll be enjoying tasty s'mores in no time. 

5. Don't dirty your plates. 

Who needs to do dishes when the lid to the box will work just as well? Sure, you'll only get four plates out of it, but really, who has more than four people over for pizza and only buys the one pie?

6. Prop up your laptop.

When your laptop starts to heat up and feels like it's cooking you, use a cleverly folded pizza box as a stand. It will prop it up while also allowing the heat to vent out safely. 

7. Teach yourself some basic circuits.

Interested in electronics but overwhelmed with where to begin your learning process? Start small by learning to build basic circuits and switches. All you need is a pizza box, paperclips, and some simple electrical components. 

8. Escape into a virtual world.

With the template for Google's Cardboard VR headset, you can create your own viewer with just a bit of careful cutting and gluing. Slide your phone into the front and be whisked away!

9. Take your art to go.

If you're the artsy sort, you know how expensive travel art kits can be. Instead, use an old pizza box to store your supplies, and it can even be modded to turn into a small easel for when you're out and about. 

10. Mat a photo.

Matting is a great way to make simple photos and images look fancier, but unless you're lucky enough to have a frame that comes with one, buying mat board can be a pain. Instead, cut an old pizza box to fit your frame, and then cover with fabric, paper, or just paint the cardboard. 

11. Let your masterworks dry in peace.

Of course, once you've painted your next masterpiece, then it needs a safe place to lay flat and dry. Once again, the unassuming pizza box can help. Cut one end off and tape the rest of the box firmly shut. Stack as many as you may need, and you can always cover it with paper or paint to hide the truth of your genius storage system. 

12. Next-level storage.

If a simple shelf unit isn't what you're looking for, you can also turn those boxes into a sweet set of shallow drawers. 

13. Decorate your home on the cheap.

Pizza boxes are perfectly square, and so they are great to make symmetrical art for your walls. Cover them with fabric or paper. Depending on the style you choose, the look can be completely different and completely original. 

14. Let your cat recycle that box for you.

"What's this?" Pickles thought to himself, licking his paws, "A bed that smells like food? My human really does love me!" 


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