Sunday, March 4, 2018

15 Evil Geniuses Who Will Take No Prisoners

Beware the call of the prank war, friends. Sure, everybody loves a good chuckle, but some chuckles come with a hidden cost, and it's especially true of pranks. Not only can some folks out there not take a joke, but these things have a way of escalating. That's when the fun can turn ugly.

But, if you're willing to take some risks, and you can be creative, you can have some fun. Here are some ideas that other evil geniuses out there have come up with to get you started – at your own peril!

1. Somebody is not winning Father of the Year.

Also, loved Tron

2. And somebody else can forget about winning Husband of the Year.

It's like a divorce attorney has been spreading ideas around trying to drum up business. 

3. The airport is the perfect place for this sticker.

4. Want to make your roommate some plans for the weekend?

5. Remember when lasers were used for good?

6. Have to wonder who's going to clean up after the cat goes crazy.

7. Easy way to add some (melo)drama to the office.

8. Never gets old.

Just beware of any new "voice activation" around your work.

9. Whoever did this to the stairs has a cold, black heart.

10. Really want to know how this worked out.

I'm guessing more tickets, but maybe the meter reader had a chuckle while they were writing up the citations.

11. Note: don't let artists get bored.

12. Also, don't live with unemployed physicists. 

13. Where was this during all those boring lectures in college?

14. Not gonna lie, I would flunk hard.

15. How could this possibly go wrong?


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