Monday, March 12, 2018

15 Family Photos Re-Created In The Best (And Most Awkward) Way Possible

Kids can make almost anything look cute: floral from head-to-toe, bowl cuts, and awkward family photos.

Adults on the other hand? Not so much.

So when grown children decide to re-create an old family photo, it’s inevitable that hilarity will ensue.

Re-creating a family photo is the perfect way to bond with your siblings, surprise your parents with a memory that will last a lifetime, or prove to your friends just how far you'll go in order to perfectly re-create those memories.

If you need inspiration on ideas or just want a good laugh, check out these hilarious re-created photos…

1. I may be an adult, but I can still fit in a laundry basket!

Let’s just hope your toes don’t get stuck in those teeny holes…

2. Floor model for hire

Why yes, the floor is a very practical place to strike a pose.

3. Mom and me

You’re never too old for a good cuddle…right? 

4. "These kids are about to dislocate my shoulder…"

"Carol! The camera is on the other side of the phone!"

5. Bucket head

"Mom, I told you — no pictures while I'm on the toilet!"

6. What have we done?!

We should’ve thought twice before we told her to always finish her bottle…

7. Underwear insanity

“For those who asked for a recreation, I’m sorry”

8. Sand monsters

"Paul, I think I just swallowed some sand." "No one cares, Stacey, just keep smiling!" 

9. Like mother, like daughter

Her mother took this photo in 1980 and in 2014 re-created it with her daughter. They could be twins!

10. Passed out baby

Honey, I think my legs are numb…

11. Bucket brothers

"I think I may be stuck..."
12. First love

On the left: dancing in the sixth grade. On the right…their wedding day!

13. Bros do bath time

*Bonus points for the matching shower curtain.

14. Bros do bath time with bubbles

Mom better like this photo...

15. Fifteen years later...

Old habits die hard.
Main and collage images via Facebook / UNILAD 

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