Monday, March 12, 2018

16 Animals Being Total Psycho Jerk-Wads

Usually we think of animals as being cute, innocent, and fascinating. But just like with humans, there are a few out there who are just jerks for no reason. They don't care about us or our fancy food and quaint little lives, they're out for blood! If you don't follow me yet, you will when you see these little wild ones have gotten up to...

1. In your face, kid!

2. You know it's bad when they need a separate, non-goose exit...

3. Four days?!? Come on, man!

4. This guy taking up an entire space! Learn to park, jerk!

5. The boy's face says it all!

6. What a scoop!

7. The thief!

8. Attempted murder!?

9. Got your nose!

10. I guess he wanted to wash the inside too...

11. Confirmed.

12. Outrunning these beasts seems futile!

He should've read that one sign and taken the other door...

13. How deeryou, sir!

14. That's the face of a lunatic!

15. The goat who must not be named?

16. The only way to stop them is to catch them in the act!


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