Sunday, March 11, 2018

16 Funny Pics That Feel A Little Like Magic

Growing up, the thing I wanted to be most in the world was a wizard. For me, the only thing cooler than hanging out with an owl and casting crazy spells was growing a rockin' beard.

Sadly, my dream never really came true. I did end up growing a beard, but that's about as far as I got into my wizard quest. So instead, I decided to look for the little bits of magic we can see every day.

I say all that to say that these 16 funny pics are all totally magical in some way. So let's get spellbound!

1. Haha, and that was always the one that made her totally flip out.

We all know the detention was worth it.

2. To be fair, we've been kinda disappointing lately.

Think about it, would you rent a Lambo to come visit us as a species? I wouldn't.

3. Oh, you know it's gonna be lit when frog and pig come through.

And the cow doesn't say moo to just anyone, you know. I got connections.

4. Man, I can only dream of being as metal as this turtle one day.

You ever heard someone scream slowly? Exactly.

5. Yeah, are they really worth squad status if they pull this?

Look at the pain in that face. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

6. Hey, with a little imagination, you can make a waterslide pretty much anywhere.

Note: By reading this, you're agreeing not to hold me responsible for anything that happens to you if you actually try this. 

7. Hahaha, the only way it could seem less confident is if it had a question mark at the end.  

Come on, stop sign, stand up for yourself! You'll never get 'em to listen to you like this.

8. It's funny how hearing 30 little cute pet names one after another makes the stomach go "nope!"

You know they're really gone if the vomiting doesn't even kill their mood.

9. He got a point, Ratatouille could've just fallen on some hard times. 

If the hot dogs are life-changing, that's how you know. If not, it's probably time to see a doctor.

10. Like, what's even the point of making it to 100, then?

You know what? Whatever. If I live that long, I'm mixing three Death Star sets together and they can't tell me nothing!

11. Yeah, you can bet they're gonna say something like "whilst" as they do it, too.

Like, why don't you just tell me the longitude and latitude while we're being corny?

12. Dang, if that was me, her plan would've backfired horribly.

I'd be walking around like I owned the place, and if anyone said anything, I'd just point at my giant 'stache and keep it moving.

13. Gotta admit, that is definitely a "help" face that dude is making.

14. Hahaha, I just wanna see how far she takes this.

"Who said you can't eat donuts on October 5th while it's raining outside? I'm such a rebel!" 

15. Dude, those are definitely some 1:00 a.m. eyes. 

Look at the pure determination on that dude's face. This game has gone on for hours and he's never wanted to win something so hard in his life.

16. One thing I know for sure, this guy's supervillains are gonna be messed up.


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