Tuesday, March 27, 2018

16 Hilarious Pics That Will Probably Be Painted On A Cave Wall Someday

Well, well, well, look who's here. I bet you don't have that $20 you owe me, either.

Oh sorry, I thought you were someone else. When you didn't fart as soon as you came in, I got a little suspicious but now it's all cleared up.

So what can I do for you? Oh, you'd like some fresh memes to keep your day as fun-filled as possible?

Well, you're in luck, champ. 

While we wait for that jerk to give me my money back, here are 16 of the finest cuts this day had to offer.

1. Now that I think about it, what would the supervillains do if Spider-Man just didn't bother to show up?

Like, they only kidnapped Mary Jane to get to him so things would probably get awkward after a while. 

They might even let her go and be like, "Yikes, that's rough. Well, when you break up with him, 'cause obviously, tell him the Vulture's looking for him." 

2. Hahaha, who knew it was such a master of camouflage?

Like, I wonder how many of them get broken just because someone couldn't see it and sat on it?

3. Sorry "All Star," but we can never rekindle the love we once shared. 

I guess the world really did roll you after all.

4. Wait, does this mean internet trolls were just giving us really great deals all along? 

This changes everything.

5. Watch out for that friend who's seen the whole Fast and Furious series multiple times.

If they could even sit through the second movie more than once, you know they're about to be a problem behind the wheel.

6. Yeah, I definitely remember those days where I just patiently waited until I could go home and freak out to black metal.

That may not have been the healthiest way of dealing with my problems but you try telling that to teenaged me. Seriously, that metal was really loud. He wouldn't have heard you.

7. I'm more worried about the fact that the dog head doesn't seem to have any food.

I'd say that turns the picture into a brilliant commentary on the split of haves and have-nots in Australia but I have no idea if that's actually true.

8. Aww, they were so close. I guess they forgot the magic words.

To complete the ritual, just whisper "we prefer to be called custodians" into the circle three times and no discarded gum or kid's vomit will stand a chance.

9. OK, I'll admit this is just here because Attitude City sounds like a delightful place.

I've never been to a place with a population of "shut up" before, so that's exciting.

10. Oh yeah, nothing says dedication like invisible pencils.

It takes a whole hour just to write your name with one of those things, ya know.

11. If this guy doesn't get a Pulitzer, we might as well just cancel the whole year.

It's too bad this didn't get even bigger. Imagine a whole crowd wearing fruit costumes in support of one boy's dream to be a banana.

12. Wow, and he forgot to let the dog inside to boot.

Really, that should've been the first clue that he wasn't best friend material.

13. It doesn't help that it's always a full-on giggle fit when this happens.

And even if we can stop laughing for long enough to explain it, it won't help 'cause you had to be there.

14. Either that or they said, "you can't tell me what to do" and rammed it even harder.

Yeah, things can get out of hand really quick when that happens.

15. Woody already told you what happens when you don't play nice, cowboy.

He's been through Sid's house and daycare, you think he's playing around?

16. Well, how else are you gonna hear all the latest Google news? 

Google News? Nope, that's just regular news. Checkmate.


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