Friday, March 9, 2018

16 Kids Who Are Actually Terrible At Hide And Go Seek

Who remembers playing hide and seek as a kid? 

I remember it being so much fun, like the most fun I could have with my siblings and my parents. 

We would get really into it, too. Like, we'd get really competitive about who could find the best spot to hide.

After seeing these pictures though, I have a feeling that maybe my parents humored us and we weren't masters of hide and seek like we thought we were. 

1. I think the bigger issue here is that his head wouldn't fit under there...

2. This doesn't even qualify for "if I can't see you, you can't see me!"

3. If his socks weren't so white, he might have gotten away with this one. 

4. He really could have made this one work if he wanted to. 

5. She put a lot of thought into this one. 

6. Hmm, I wonder where she is? 

7. She may not be good at hide and seek, but she probably gave someone a good scare. 

8. Looks like he's trying to lock himself in there. 

9. If you feel like a lamp, you will become the lamp. 

10. She made a huge tactical error! 

11. Again, so good in theory. 

12. This is kind of cute, I'll give him that. 

13. I think we have a future cat person here. 

14. At least he tried. 

15. If she can see out of it, wouldn't it make sense they could see her in it? 

16. That's a really little rug...

Main image via reddit / Sniperizer

Collage images via 1. reddit / PaperkutRob 2. reddit / girlspeaking


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