Wednesday, March 7, 2018

16 Makeup Tips For Transitioning From Summer To Fall

I adore summer for a wide variety of reasons. And being a tad beauty-obsessed, summer makeup is definitely one of them.  As much as I love a great glow and some gold shimmer, by the time fall rolls around, I'm ready to shake it up a bit. It can sometimes be difficult deciphering how to change your beauty routine from season to season, especially with the ever-changing trends. So if you're wondering how to go about transitioning your makeup from summer to fall, read ahead for a list of 16 great tips and tricks! 

1. Gold To Chocolate

When it comes to fall eyeshadow, the shimmery golds are better left in the summer. Update your palette with chocolate and espresso colors for the cooler months.

2. Baby Pink To Cranberry

One of the biggest makeup trends this fall is cranberry-colored lids. Do away with the softer pinks to make your eyes really pop. 

3. Bright Purple To Muted

Magenta and bright purple lids look great with a bronzed complexion. But fall calls for more muted, mauve eyeshadow shades. 

4. Blue-Grays To Navy

Let your eyes steal the show by swiping on a striking, navy shadow instead of softer, more pastel blues. 

5. Barbie Pink To Plum

There's nothing quite like a hot pink lip with a killer tan. But when our tans start to fade, it's best to swap out the bright pinks for deep, plum-colored shades.

6. Bright Red To Deep Red 

Fire engine-red lipstick is great for summer. Make the move to fall by picking a red with deeper undertones. 

7. Peachy To Copper

Spice up your lip look by trading in peach tones for a darker, coppery color. 

8. Nude To Dusty Rose

Nude lips aren't very flattering on fading suntans. Bring some color back into your look with a muted, dusty rose shade. 

9. Raspberry To Burgundy 

Swap out bright, raspberry lip colors for a more sultry, burgundy shade.

10. Bronze Appropriately

There's nothing wrong with carrying a little glow into the cooler months. But be careful not to bronze beyond the limits of your skin tone! 

11. Peach To Cranberry Blush

While peach blush compliments golden skin tones, fall is the perfect time to add a cranberry-colored cheek stain into your beauty routine. 

12. Striking Brows 

This fall, brows are more important than ever. And with those summer suntans fading, your brows will stand out even more. 

13. Return Of The Smoky Eye 

Summer eyeshadow trends seem to be all about gold, copper, and bronze shades. The fall months call for jewel-toned, show-stopping smoky eyes. 

14. Don't Fear Foundation 

The summer heat tends to push us away from liquid foundations for fear of it melting away. With the cooler fall weather approaching, don't be afraid to incorporate a flawless face back into your beauty routine! 

15. Experiment With Mascara 

Last fall, I picked up a deep, burgundy-colored mascara. Fall is the perfect time to stray from the typical blacks and experiment with burgundy, navy, and chocolate brown lashes. 

16. Moisturize! 

For many skin types, the summer months call for little-to-no face moisturizers due to the hot, humid air. Invest in a great moisturizer and don't neglect your skin coming into the cooler, drier fall season! 


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