Saturday, March 24, 2018

16 Photos That Raise More Questions Than They Answer

We've all seen our share of strange pictures that grab you right away. Whether they're scary, uncomfortable or just a little too much at once, they always get a big reaction. 

But for as much fun as jumping at stuff and screaming a little bit is, some photos have a lingering weirdness that kind of stays with you. Nothing seems too weird at first glance but as you look at it more, you might find yourself starting to wonder, "Wait, what am I looking at here?"

I really love that feeling and I hope you do too because I've got 16 photos that seem tailor-made to make us pointlessly question everything. Yay!

1. Phew, I was worried about the environment, but I think we're gonna be alright.

Now that our world is SpongeBob with Cyclops' eyes from the X-Men, none of the other planets are messing with us.

2. I feel like if I met these two, I'd break the world record for the longest scream.

And they'd keep doing those little laughs they do, so it would be a boring conversation for everyone involved.

3. A picture's worth 1,000 words and here, all of them are questions.

You know, questions like why does this fish have googly eyes? What language is that? Where is this? Why is this? Why is anything?

4. I'm not sure if a funhouse club would be the best or the worst idea ever.

That question may be a little easier to answer for some of you, but just let me dream, OK?

5. Aaaah, what have we done?

This is what happens when an app starts hanging out with the wrong crowd.

6. For real tho, what do you do here?

Do you just start and stop a lot like a dog scooting its butt on the carpet? Do you do the opposite of my terrible idea?

Yeah, that's probably it.

7. Wait, there's a 3D book dedicated entirely to garlic bread?

WAIT, there's a meme page dedicated entirely to garlic bread? I'm learning so much today!

8. Oh, no explanation necessary, buddy.

When you figure out how to make a bear OK with riding in a taxi, folks are just automatically ready to roll with you.

9. How did this happen?

It seems like it would be hard to do this by accident, but why would you do it on purpose?

10. OK, so somebody either bought two lizards for this joke or they really played the long game.

You decide, my friends, you decide.

11. Gotta admit, part of me wants to cut a slice of that and see how it tastes.

I mean, the rest of me thinks it's the worst idea I've ever had, but who listens to that part of themselves, right?

12. Honestly, I'm just impressed that shirt managed to hold on.

They should actually advertise their clothes this way. Of course, that would involve listening to me, and I think it's pretty clear by now why people don't do that.

13. Don't worry if you're not looking at this around Christmas.

There's no time of year where this card makes any sense.

14. Well, obviously she's in the bathr...huh.

Hmm, bathrooms don't usually have microwaves, but kitchens don't usually have mirrors. This is a pickle indeed.

15. What? Why? Why did someone make this?

There's no context for it either. Samuel L. Jackson is just now a Creme Egg for some reason and I'm very sorry you had to see this.

16. After some of the stuff we've just witnessed, it's tempting to think we have seen everything.

That's always an invitation for more weirdness to come our way, though, so I think I'm good.


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