Tuesday, March 6, 2018

16 Signs You've Found Your Kindred Spirit

There is a moment when you realize you have a special connection with someone. It can be something as simple as loving the same kind of food to subtle acts of affection. You might not realize it, but you have probably found your kindred spirit.

The following post will show you how subtle and simple some of these signs are. For me, three, nine, and 15 reminded me of my kindred spirit. Share with your partner, and see what they think the signs were!

1. When Creativity Blossoms 

When you were by yourself you were good at certain things, but now you are awesome at those things. Your partner makes you feel alive, and your creative juices are always flowing.

2. When You're Sharing Almost Everything

Sharing doesn't just mean exchanging material things but also moments. These moments are more precious than any physical objects.

3. When You Are The Priority

I don't know about you, but having a coffee is important to me. Finding someone who realizes how important something is to you, truly knows you. 

4. When Fighting Isn't Fighting

Your fights are more like heated arguments that end up in laughter moments later. 

5. When You Love Doing The Same Things

Whether it's going out for nachos or playing video games together, you both enjoy doing the same activities. These activities get better in each other's company.

6. When You Find Yourself Simply Being Silly

When you two are together, you both become the silliest, corniest people ever. You don't care how you act, you just let yourself go.

7. When You Naturally Give Affection In Public

When you are with that special person in public, you reach for their hand without even realizing it. 

8. When Gift-Giving Is A Treat

You put some thought into gift-giving. It isn't always the most expensive and flashy gift either. The gifts are special, simple, and bring a smile to the other person's face. 

9. When The Conversation Just Keeps Going 

Conversation comes real easy. You two can talk for hours on end and not realize how long it's been. Your conversations range from silly to serious and everything in-between. 

10. When Time Apart Feels Like Forever

When you two are apart, minutes feel like hours, hours like days. When you finally do see each other, it feels like the first time you two met.

11. When You Share Your Hopes And Dreams

Sharing the same hopes and dreams is a good indicator you've found your kindred spirit. Your goals are supported by each other and nothing seems too far fetched.

12. When You Can Have Fun Anywhere

You can be on top of a mountain or under a blanket at night, it doesn't matter. You have each other and that's all that is needed for a great time.

13. When You Get Those Random Texts At The Right Time 

You've had a bad day and then suddenly get a random text from your partner. You almost forget about the day you've had. You're happy someone special is thinking of you. 

14. When They Can Really Cheer You Up

They know when to make you laugh and more importantly, how. Sometimes when you've had a tough day, that's all you need.

15. When Anything Can Be Exciting

A task like grocery shopping can be made exciting with the right person. In fact, you look forward to doing any mundane task with your partner because it's exciting.

16. When There Are No Secrets, Only Sweet Whispers

There are no secrets among you two. In fact, the only time there are whispers is when it's to say something sweet or funny.


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