Saturday, March 3, 2018

16 Weird Things That Look Like Other Things

This is the list that goes on and on, because everything can be made to look like anything else if you try hard enough. However, in the interest of conserving time, I just picked my favorite ones. Below, you'll find pictures ranging from things that look like faces to things that look like other things. Some of you will agree with the choices I made, and some of you will look and think, "I don't see it." 

Regardless, I'm confident there's a little something in here for everyone. Enjoy! 

1. The wifi scrape

2. You are what you eat

3. Cute

4. The radar gun

5. That's one massive kiwi

6. Check out this happy guy

7. That's quite the imagination

8. That is one fine mustache

9. What's he screaming about?

10. Who did this?

11. Oh shit, waddup

It's dat boi!

12. Aww, it's a duck tomato

13. Yeah, you did

14. Tortuga

15. Pricey 

16. I prefer Pupsi to Coke


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