Sunday, March 4, 2018

17 Moms Who Have Mastered The Art Of Trolling

They say a mother's love is like no other, and it would seem this also applies to her sense of humor. We're all familiar with the "dad joke," but it turns out that Mom is a bit of a joker herself (she has to have a good sense of humor, otherwise, how could she have survived raising you, right?). From Pokémon pranks to social media spoofs, these moms are true trolls!

1. The mom who came up with this master-level MacBook prank

2. The mom who introduced their kid to a whole new world 

3. A good mother would never call you basic

She would simply mock you on social media by recreating your selfie 

4. This mom who loves a good recreational drug joke

Ever wonder what happens when Mom finds your actual drug paraphernalia? 

5. Surprise. 

This time, she's not joking around

6. You might think Mom is just naive, but in her day, she was clearly a flower child

7. Newborn photo shoots are all the rage nowadays... 

So this mom did one for her 13-year-old adopted son

8. Mom would never come right out and tell you that you're lame for listening to Justin Bieber 

But she has her ways of letting you know

When Mom calls on Dad for a little assistance in the trolling department, there's no telling what can happen...
Well actually, there is, you just have to click through to the next page to find out

9. The resemblance is uncanny 

10. Sometimes Dad is the butt of the joke

Mom's hobby might be scrapbooking, but her real job is trolling

11. Mom has some great interior decorating skills 

12. You might be a master at playing Pokémon Go, but Mom's a master at playing you

Considering Mom spent a good chunk of time birthing you into this world, it's only fair that she gets trolling rights on your birthday...

13. Trust me, she knows how to push your buttons 

14. She always knows just the thing to boost your self-esteem

15. She always gets you exactly what you asked for!

16. And if your birthday was a letdown, she'll make it up to you with a vasectomy cake

17. And of course, in just one note, she can undermine your intelligence, sexual preference, and love life...


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