Friday, March 16, 2018

17 Reasons College Is A Soul-Sucking Hellscape

Stressed out, no money, no sleep, no food, and no idea what to do with your future? Sounds like you've been livin' that student life! Yeah, college has its ups and downs, but there's never a harder down than the last few weeks when everything is due and no one is prepared. You've probably made the library your second home, and you and your peers are probably roaming the halls lookin' like zombies on the daily, huh?

Well, we can all relate, which is why I put together this bunch of funny pics and memes that totallyexplain the struggle! Enjoy this, have a laugh, and keep on surviving. You got this...

1. Time is meaningless here...

2. You're not gonna find any sympathy 

3. Then you're just standing there after like, "uh, ta-da...?"

4. My first draft ismy final draft!

5. You gotta keep going. Somehow, you gotta keep going...

6. "That's good enough, right?"

7. Yeah, it's that bad...

8. Tryin' to step your game up doesn't seem to be doing much...

9. This guy gets it.

10. You're gonna hear some messed up stuff from other students andprofs!

11. And your professors will definitely call everyone out on their failure

12. But you get your time to shine as well...

13. And you can tell it like it is!

14. Literally soul-sucking...

15. You can actually see it happening to people IRL

16. You start to reevaluate your priorities

17. And you know what? College needs to reevaluate its priorities sometimes, too.


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