Friday, March 16, 2018

19 Gifts Only A Parent Could Love

I've given my parents some pretty crummy presents over the years. Sure, they say that a gift you make, and one that's from the heart, is better than anything you can buy at a store. That all sounds nice, until that pinecone door knocker encourages a host of hornets to take over your front porch, and eventually your entire house.

So it's no surprise that most parents are pretty good at that fake face-of-approval look whenever gift-giving comes up. It's a great face to master, because you can basically break it out in any situation that needs the illusion of gratification. That happens a lot with kids.

So here are just a few gifts that clearly, only a parent could love.
Because they have to. 
1. You know your kid's kind of a jerk when they wrap up your gift like this

2. This is how you know your house is a home

3. It's not like you were getting all that much sleep to begin with 

4. If grandma likes nightgowns, don't make her feel like an outsider

5. It's actually a golf umbrella, but this is a great way to break the ice that you're expecting

6. Mom just wants you to be healthy, so let her know that you're trying your best

7. This could lead to "the talk," so maybe wait till after all your questions have been answered

8. Considering the constant bags under my eyes, I'd rather not know, thanks

9. I feel like you just get these from the hospital once you have your first child

10. At least they know how precious your time is 

11. Apparently, you can get anything printed onto a blanket at Walmart? How am I just learning this valuable piece of information?

12. Recapturing their childhood can really put them in a great mood

13. Mom always gets so emotional during the holidays

14. Pretty much the same value as that card with the tinfoil mirror

15. A framed photo of their favorite family member can really go a long way

16. I'm almost 30 years old and I still pull this stunt

17. If good things come in small packages, I guess mediocre things come in nice ones

18. Let's be real here, your parents don't really need anything, right?

19. And for the dad who has no time for your whining


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