Thursday, March 29, 2018

21 Hilariously Bad Photoshopped Facebook Profile Pictures


1. He worked so HARD for this. #fitfam #fitspo.

2. What bicep workout did he have to do to get those? The point, click and drag.

3. She forgot mirrors reflect things in real life and not in Photoshop.

4. I don't even think he used Photoshop. He went old school and used Paint.

5. Anatomy tip: boobs usually come in mostly equal sized pairs.

6. Damn those sneaky mirrors photobombing your overly cropped selfie!

7. The wall gets wider as she gets skinnier. Interesting.

8. Either her butt crack is a black hole and sucks in the things around it...or she Photoshopped her waist. I'm going to go with option numero dos.

9. Someone's been eating his spinach.

10. Never trust a mirror, man. 

11. Which bulge? He has like eight in abnormal places. 

12. So close...but no.

13. Your boobs are probably not THAT big that they warp the walls around it. 

14. This girl just screams fake and so does that poor wooden wall behind her.

15. Aw, they match. Orange skin with blue accents.

16. Mother nature hates you for saying this is her doing.

17. I love how she added a blob of paint to make her butt bigger. Girl, at least make SOME effort.

18. The troll under the bridge takes selfies too, apparently.

19. Ass so phat she makes wood bend.

20. That elbow has a baby head growing out of it.

21. He's looking a bit too much like Johnny Bravo minus the cartoon feel.

Collage Source: 1. Fail Blog 2. Runt Of The Web 3. Epic Fail


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