Thursday, March 15, 2018

23 Decisions That Really Needed A Second Thought

As the old saying goes, "Measure twice, cut once." It always pays to double check your decisions. For some people, it's even good to give it a third go. Because if they don't, they really might just end up like these people. 

Check out these folks who definitely should've given their decision at least a second thought.

1. I'm actually pretty puzzled by why they would get these.

So...did the artist just not say anything? Did they even get these at the same shop? Did they tell anyone at all before they went ahead with this? SMH. #couplefail 

2. Uhm... I guess that first pic is kinda sweet, in a bathroom selfie sorta way... 

BUT, BUT, Grandma! What would Gramps have to say about that eyes-closed bathroom selfie smooch? 

And for crying out loud, where are your other hands at?

3. Cheaper than grills...and so many thrills for the guy who got to do this to his friend.

Now I'm no expert, but that newly decked out dude's definitely giving off an "Oh man did I really just do that? I can't feel my face" look if I ever saw one.

But at least his bro is impressed with himself. 

4. Always look twice before lying in your post...

...AND driving with a hot Starbae in one hand and your phone in the other... Seriously what is even happening in this photo?

Plot twist: she's parked in the middle of the road for this.  

5. Girl, there are so many things you should've thought about twice here. My brain hurts...

First, never ever cook with a cat in your kitchen. They are constantly trying to kill you. Second, oven mitts exist for a crucial reason. Exhibit A: your defeat snap. Third, carrying things around cats in general is a no-no, see first reason for more info. 

6. I honestly thought every millennial with access to the internet knew NOT to post about any upcoming jobs before actually starting...

Like, you realize people in the company know you are coming and are creeping your socials, right? Oh, you didn't...?

You needed that job, man. 

7. So this actually happened while the person was taking their driving test. 

Here's what they should have thought: AM I READY TO NOT CRASH INTO THE BUILDING TODAY? If not, DON'T GO. Retreat. Hand keys over. 

8. So generous!

This is why we just shouldn't get excited about anything anymore. Like honestly, in the age of social media, everything that happens that's awesome is a trigger for posting about it online to brag and ruin everything, like this. We just can't even be trusted anymore. 

In other news, please post more pics of all your new apartments and house layouts and vacation dates and... *facepalms* 

9. This hurts just to look at.

Did anyone else just scream a little inside over this? 

Oh what? You don't experience extreme anxiety when someone does this to you? You've never been snapped at? What is that like? What is life? 

10. At least she's efficient (and brutally long-winded with her honesty!)

I would pay money that I don't even have to see the rest of this conversation. Did any of the other guys text back? Did they go all John Tucker Must Die?DID THEY BECOME BESTIES? 

11. Well, who's the sucker now? 

So it's not just me who gets ridiculously confident in my ability to remember a new password after creating it.

Me: Even though I can't remember what day of the week it is or what I even ate for breakfast, I know I'll remember this mix of letters and numbers the Internet said was a good password idea.

Me literally two days later: *clicks Forgot Password* for the second time. 

12. Now I bet he's just Russian to get this removed.

All jokes aside, I gotta wonder why he was trying to translate his own last name/why he chose a fifth-grade school report block letter font for his back tat. 

13. Turn your...just...JUST LOOK SIDEWAYS. STAY CALM!

This is not a happy cat. This is a cat who dearly regrets sticking his head in the rail you told him not to "like a million times." This is a cat who needs to be rescued and who will certainly bite his heroes in the process (just look at that face). 

14. We can't allhave domestic life down to an art, I guess.

You know, I have a friend who actually once put potatoes in her dishwasher. Potatoes. Not even whole ones, either, but already-cut chunks. CHUNKS. She was trying to save time "meal prepping." She ruined my opinion of her instead. 

15. Home job? Really? I would have never guessed. XD

Gotta love that little "okay" emoji justifying the "(home job)". And the XD next to her snide reply really hits this one home for me. Like, you should be sorry, what ?

16. This photo is concrete evidence this woman definitely should have thought this through before driving in.

The look on her face, enhanced only by the hand shaking in front of it, really does tell it all. 

She knows what she's done. 

17. Apparently, he really, really loves peanut butter. Smooth variety only. 

It does not love him back, but to be he really the only one of us who's ever been in this sticky situation? 

I mean, of course he is...

He has no regrets, though. Or at least he wouldn't share any with us.

And it certainly wasn't his first time doing this either.

Yes, this is the peanut-butter-eating, getting-head-stuck-in-peanut-butter-jar, snaggle-toothed pupper you just witnessed in that epic fail. Charming, no?

18. Sooner or later, you gotta find out you don't fit in baby seats anymore. Hopefully it's your parents who tell you, but I guess it's better late than never.

For some, this is easier than it is for others. This man's clearly having a hard time with the transition.

19. Well, they had good intentions, I'm sure.

You know, of all the horrid tattoo fails I come across in my day-to-day, this is actually not the worst. The more you read it, you know, the more it kinda... no! Must look away from terrible transcription. 

20. Oh man, the lengths some people will go through to get you to think they're richer than they are. 

At the very least, get someone you trust to check the post full of lies before you upload it to the entire world. #amateur #volkswagon 

21. Earn your stripes.

Okay, honestly not sure what's even going on here, but...obviously it had to be included in a list of decisions that needed a second thought. I mean, where were this guy's buds to tell him it was a VERY bad idea to do this?

22. When someone turns her selfie in, does she get a softer sentence?

I mean, it's not like she's really hiding the fact she stole it... Does that make it borrowing?

Me: Think I could use that logic on a dog? Like, if I see one and just so happen to walk away with him and take some pics of us at the park having fun and upload them to my social, that doesn't make me a criminal in 2017, does it?

Other me: Nah, it makes you crazy. 

23. When not fully thinking something through runs in the family...

At least they're in this together and will be there for each other when their friends tell them about this oh so simple mistake. 

Have you done something you wished you thought about twice, maybe even three times? Let's chat in the comments on Facebook. 


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