Friday, March 2, 2018

23 Times People Took Extra To A Whole New Level

How extra is “too extra”? The limit does not exist. If you boast *The Most*, you can probably relate to this list (Yes, that rhymed. Why? Because we’re extra). 

1. When this bride took her wedding shoot up a notch 

2. This mom who called 911 because of a chill 

3.  When A$AP Rocky looked prepped to float away from the haters 

4. When this phone case hit the shelves

5. When this mom took her daughter's shoes as punishment

6. That time you went for a natural look

7. That time someone's grandpa had to be a personal photographer 

8. That time the boss asked you to do your job 

9. When you were the black sheep of the family and everyone needed to know it 

10. That time DJ Khaled was DJ Khaled.

11. That time your efforts were ignored 

12. When this dress happened

13. Anytime you grace the world with your opinion

14. When someone ordered this limousine

15. That time they asked if you were done doing the most 

16. I mean...I'm intrigued... 

17. I'm just browsing

18. Well it's about time

19. Well la dee da

20. Every office has one

21. Words to live by

22. When you can't decide which girl you are

23. How can the Earth be flat if the ball is round? 


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