Saturday, March 31, 2018

25 Photographic Pieces of Evidence as to Why Women Live Longer Than Men!

If you've ever heard the fact that women live longer than men and you've thought to yourself "hmm I wonder why that is?" Here are your answers. In fact, you get 25 of them and they're all just as ridiculous as the one before. Some of these may even make you wonder how these people made it alive for so long! 

Here are 25 photographic pieces of evidence as to why women live longer than men:

1. Oh, the Irony!
2. Never Give a Safety Engineer a Knife
3. How is that Even Supposed to Work?
4. Nothing at All!
5. Ah, Electricity.
6. Ghetto Hot Tub Screams Bad Idea
7. Leave the Harness, I Trust you Guys!
8. What?
9. Because Newspaper will Protect your Eyes.
10. This was Almost Okay Until It Wasn't
11. Damn
12. I had No Idea Electricians had to Pass Circus School, too!
13. Looks Legit
14. Doesn't Give "Jack", Get it?
15. In What Universe is this a Safe or Good Idea?
16. I Can't Even Caption This! LOL
17. Note: His Foot in a Puddle
18. Watch Out for the Bumps!
19. The Guy in the Middle Knows It's a Bad, Bad Idea
20. So Confident
21. Let's Hope That String is Made of Steel
22. Balancing Act
23. Because the First One Wasn't Enough
24. Inflammable Apparently Just Means "Better to Smoke In"
25. I would Pay Good Money to Get One of Them to Step Off
Do not try any of these ridiculous ideas at home as I'm sure the majority of these people won't be doing it again! 

I'm glad they at least captured it on camera.


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