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39 People Whose Lives Are Falling Apart At The Seams

If you could use a good laugh at someone else's expense, then you've come to the right place. Everyone has a bad day once in a while, but these people just took the meaning of a bad day to a whole new level.

Check out these folks whose lives are falling apart at the seams!

1. You should probably just quit today and try again tomorrow. I suggest not buying any lotto tickets on the way home.

How much worse can it get?! Maybe shake it a bit?

2. "Honey, I picked up the.... crap."

So close, yet so far. I mean, it's not like they won't get the job done, but it's just not what you were expecting.

3. I'm sure they were mature about it at least... haha, JK, they'll never let her live this down.

If there's one group of people you never want to mess up in front of, it's middle-schoolers.

4. That moment camping when you think, "I don't need fasteners, this'll be fine — let's drink!"

Meh, they can still breathe, no biggie. They're fiiine.

I'm sorry, how did they get footage of me trying to get around?

Do I have the basic hand-eye coordination an adult human is supposed to have? No. Am I able to walk without falling? Also no.

5. Well that sucks. 

Get it? Sucker? Sucks? It's a funny joke! Although it doesn't seem like either party thinks this is particularly funny, especially not the kid. RIP, sucker — it was good while it lasted.

6. I understand how this happened. What I don't understand is that how did the person not see this when they got out of the car?

It's on the driver's side and everything!

7. She just pranked herself. But to be fair, they really should've have a huge warning label right on the front. I could see myself doing this accidentally.

Read the label, friends.

8. He dunked his donuts a little too hard. Please don't dunk and drive.

This is probably the most upsetting thing that could happen on a hot summer day. Like, how do you even clean that up?

Why is this me basically every morning?

This baby at least has the hope that they'll grow out of it, but me? I've been like this for years, and that's not changing soon.

9. I now feel really bad for all the times I unscrewed the lid as a child. At least the pizza will have a lot of flavor.

Well, if by flavor you mean painful burning sensation.

10. Regret recognized...

At least they amended their error. I mean, they could have used a pen and paper to apologize, but here we are.

11. Amazing timing. 

She better make up a cooler story about how she broke her arm. This is just plain unfortunate. There's no better wake-up call than breaking a kid's swing set.

12. Ten second rule! I'm sure it still tastes fine... everything is fine.

This is on a "Kevin-dropping-his-famous chili-on-The-Office" level of tragedy, to be honest.

This raccoon is all of us, always.

We are trying to be responsible, but we end up washing away all of our hopes and dreams and possibilities. So dang sad, I tell you.

13. And this is exactly why she'll never visit the zoo again. Just look at the terror on her face.

To be fair, peacocks do that to scare animals off (I think), so she's doing the right thing.

14. He tried to get the cat down, but the cat wasn't feline it. 

I'm sorry... that was a rough pun. For real, though, once a cat decides they're staying somewhere, good luck!

15. She's on track to go to the hospital. I don't see any Olympic medals in her future.

Maybe next year, just take a break and recover, okay? Your health is important.

16. This won't end well, unless that one-in-a-billion miracle came true...

Yeah, there goes that marriage! At least she won't be totally alone when he leaves her,

Such a classic gooferooni.

This just never gets old. This is 100% something that I would do. I once loaded a dishwasher in a van without tying it down, so...

17. Whoever designed this must have been asleep on the job. 

This does exactly the opposite of what it's supposed to. I don't know how this even happens. Pull it together, guys!

18. And what was this builder thinking?!

"Okay, so there are balconies on the preexisting building. Let's just build another complex in front of them! It's a foolproof plan, right?" Wrong.

19. When you lie like this for hours, your life is either going really well or really badly.

It's hard to say which, to be honest. Either no chill or all chill.

20. This dog is NOT into the family photo at all.

Come to think of it, does anyone want to be in the photo? Maybe Mom, 'cause she's the one who booked it...

Yeah, that's not how this works at all. 

Actual footage of me learning to adult. I think that if I can do one thing, I can do all things. Honestly, it's an attitude for success.

21. She was bored in class and didn't realize that her pen was open. I'm sure no one will notice...

Right? Maybe do it on the other side, too, so it's even?

22. When this is the game plan at work, times are real tough.

This was at an officer's precinct, and to be fair, those are both great goals to have for the day. 

23. Nothing like finally getting to bed and finding this absolute nightmare...

Where are you supposed to sleep? Why is the wife horizontal? I guess the cat bed will have to do.

24. Yeah, your wife doesn't seem to admire your parenting skills too much.

The shirt would have been plenty, but the mug just pushes this over the edge. Y'know what? She's the World's Okayest Wife. So there!

Sometimes you just can't catch a break, and life isn't getting easier.

On the plus side, unlike this raccoon, all you have to do is go and open the fridge for some treats.

25. Can't be a knockout in that knockoff 

They didn't even try to match the color. Just straight-up duped.

26. Drive on through to the other side

In what world did this seem like the easiest path through? Maybe construction workers should wear fluorescent ves— oh, wait. They do.

27. Talk about burstin' your bubble

At least he doesn't have to worry about "pics or it didn't happen." How many pieces was he chewing?

28. He actually fell for this? 

The poor guy. The internet can be a cruel mistress.

29. When you've been working out for one whole week and think you're invincible. 

A little different than taking your nephew for a ride, huh? Anything to impress the girl.

30. Strike a cute pose, aaaaaaand RIP.

Hey, at least she has a sense of humor about it. Don't they fasten those babies down?

31. Seemed clever at the time...

Who's the sucker now?! We have too much faith in ourselves.

32. Don't make the same mistakes I did, kid!

Oh, snap! Someone has sour grapes!

33. Starting a project near your carport...

I'm praying they didn't take the carport down just to remove the shelf. They did, didn't they?

34. Technology — it can be tough

Yes, someone did. And it was 100% a mom. 

35. "Yo, get a pic with me and this huge sandw—whoa no!"

The sadness on his face is palpable. Pure disappointment.

36. Dude just wanted some ice cream!

This is why you need your mama, kid. You made your own bed.

37. "My first day of class starts in an hour, and the battery to my clippers just died. Well, so much for a first impression..."

He just needs to embrace it and start a new trend. 

38. Things are getting tough when you use the bulk milk machine at school.

When you've got meal plan credit aplenty but are short on cash, the struggle is beyond real.

39. No wonder it was so cheap!

It is sort of cute. Is that a silver lining?

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