Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Beautiful Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

There's something about brides wearing beautiful white dresses. It's just so gorgeous to see them in their unique gowns. Wearing white on your wedding is very traditional, but it's 2017. Not everyone is down for that. If you want to stick out on your wedding day, then check out these gorgeous non-traditional wedding dresses. 

Loving this boho chic dress. 

The touch of yellow is perfect. 

Sequins galore! 

I can't even with how cute this dress is! 

It's so chic, and the flower details are just adorable. 

This blush dress is so ethereal and stunning. 

I think it's the color of the dress that won me over. Blush is gorgeous! 

Aside from her gorgeous dress, I love that she's wearing Converse. 

I love all the different colors! 

They add such a unique pop of color to her wedding dress. 

Would you wear a non-traditional wedding dress? Comment to let us know! 


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