Monday, March 19, 2018

Every Young Engineer Loved These Stephen Biesty Cross Sections

I don't know about you, but I spent hundreds of hours looking through Stephen Biesty's cross section illustrations books. The British illustrator's most notable work, Incredible Cross-Sections, is one of those books still sitting at my parents' house that would be as interesting today as it was when I was 10. In fact, this cross section masterpiece has been printed over a million times since being written in 1992. 

Here are some of the most recognizable cross sections from Stephen Biesty. 

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1. Here is a mind-boggling cross section of Tower Bridge in London. 

To be honest, one of my favorite things about Biesty's illustrations is that he gives almost as much attention to parts of the structure that are underground as he does to the recognizable part of the building.

2. Everyone will recognize this cross section of a Royal Air Force rescue helicopter. 

3. One of my favorites was the Roman Colosseum in AD 128 from his book Rome in Spectacular Cross-Section.

4. An incredible view of a Spanish galleon. 

5. He always did a great job incorporating interesting character perspectives in his work. 

Here is a cross section of a steam train. 

Did you know he has someone pooping in almost every cross section? Can you find the man in this one?

6. Here is Biesty's illustration of a U-boat. 

7. A space shuttle cross section.

8. Subway station in London.

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