Friday, March 23, 2018

Here's What A 3-Hour Manicure Looks Like

I've always known that getting acrylic nails applied was a process. But I'd certainlynever heard of a three-hour long manicure before. Two fashion-forward gals decided to hit up the super-impressive nail salon, RounGe NYC, to get wildly intricate Japanese manicures. One of the girls explains that American women like manicures that are neutral and will match with everything, while Japanese women enjoy detailed, glitzy, and over-the-top nail looks. These Sailor Moon manicures definitely fit the latter description, and I'm confident in saying that the three-hour process was worth everysecond. Do you agree? Keep scrolling to see the stunning, Sailor Moon–inspired results! 

Remember this cutie? Sailor Moon is the inspiration behind this super glam, super glitzy, and super-lengthy manicure process.

She always has the prettiest, most fun these jewel- and heart-encrusted amulets! 

The first step in this three-hour mani process was getting the acrylic bases applied.

It was also during this stage that the girls got to choose which sparkling nail decals they wanted to incorporate into their designs. With this many gorgeous options, how could you possibly decide?!

When the finished acrylic templates look something like this, somehow three hours doesn't seem like that much time to spend in the nail salon!

After the acrylic nails were applied, hour two consisted of choosing sparkling, Sailor Moon-approved polishes. 

Hour three consisted of applying Sailor Moon-inspired 3D nail decals. I love the tiny pearl moon. 

A cluster of rhinestone- and pearl-embedded appliques were carefully applied to each nail using nail glue and tweezers. 

Almost finished! The tiny gold rings are so cute and dainty. 

Okay, whoa. These are the finished products and they're totally mind-blowing. I can't get over how intricate and unique every single nail is. 

It's obvious that the girls were quite pleased with the finished product. And I bet they'd tell you the three-hour process was 100% worth it. 

I didn't know eating a burger could look so glamorous. These nails are totally responsible, and I totally want them. Would you ever get a wild, glitzy manicure like this one?



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