Sunday, March 25, 2018

If Only We Could Figure Out How To Turn It Around

For anyone who's ever had the "pleasure" of trying to turn something massive around, you know you pretty much have to act like a surgeon to make it happen. In reality, you just find yourself going "nope, that's not it" like 400 times until something finally takes pity on you and you luck into finding the perfect angle. 

Until that happens, your only options are constantly trying to figure out which way doesn't make you crash into something and make everybody mad.

And if that's not a metaphor for life, I don't know what is. It's hard enough to set something right when it's backward or upside down, but sometimes life manages to twist itself into both of those things plus a newwrong direction we've never even seen before.

So here's to adjustment attempt number 401, I guess.

1. And the worst part is that enough people probably sat on by now that it might not even work anymore.

Yeah, camouflage only works when the predators are looking for you, ya dumb iPad.

2. Wait, so y'all didn't just eat all of 'em at once?

I guess that explains why I have such a hard time making decisions now.

3. Well, I guess I can't blame 'em for trying to time travel at this point.

It definitely feels like we have to fix the timeline like it's Back To The Future, huh?

4. Like, do I have to spend all day walking on my hands or something?

'Cause obviously, something inside of me is very confused about how this is supposed to work.

5. Yeah, it's too bad that "mommy, I don't like it" aren't the magic words they used to be.

6. At this point, it'd be hard not to think, "yup, that was the only thing missing."


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